{Christmas Prizeapolooza 2018} Turn the tables this Christmas

I am one of those people who is creatively challenged. Don’t get me wrong I like all the arts and craft I am just horrible at it! Now, the same CANNOT be said for Louise Blencowe! 

The owner of Turning Tables Louise has this incredibly amazing ability to create and restore items to their former glory. 

What started about three years ago when Louise was creating some pieces for her own home has quickly turned into a beautiful little business. 

Turning Tables transforms furniture and furnishings, by restoring, painting and repurposing in order to bring them back to life. Louise even does custom pieces and items on commission.

I think what is lovely is that Turning Tables started from Louise’s love for practical hands on work and artistic creativity and after encouragement from her family and friends turned into a business!

Louise will happily help create that something super special for your home. She is flexible with techniques and different styles so can find that perfect something that is different from what anyone else has!

If you need something new to love in your home then contact Turning Tables today: 

| Phone: 0403 195 956 |

| Email: louise@blencowes.net |

| Facebook: @TurningtablesbathurstNSW |

| Instagram: @_turning.tables_ |


This Christmas Louise is giving away to one lucky nester a gorgeous mirror in your choice of colours/style! I REALLY want to keep this one for me nesters!

To be in the running all you have to do is be a ‘liker’ of Turning Tables as well as The Central Nest’s facebook page and like the ORIGINAL competition post on our facebook page.

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Winner will be drawn 5pm (AEST) Thursday 20 December 2018.

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{Christmas Prizeapolooza 2018} Love from Daphne this Christmas

One of the most exciting new shops has opened in Bathurst, Love Daphne is your one stop shop for all types of women’s vintage inspired fashion!

Owned and operated by Tracey Pozza this gorgeous little oasis offers classic, retro and timeless fashion options to the lady’s of Bathurst. They also have a range of pieces including wiggle dresses, swing dresses, skirts, tops, petticoats and corsets and offer sizes 6-26!

If you happen to be a shoe fanatic (aren’t we all??!) they also offer a wide range off shoes including flats, kitten heels and platform heels.

In case you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping Love Daphne offers gift certificates! Plus, while your there you can grab yourself the perfect Christmas day outfit (hello.. Hell Bunny Christmas Dress and skirt!)

Make sure you pop down and check out the coolest place in town: 

| Visit: Shop 2/62 George Street, Bathurst |

| Phone: 0400 885 508 |

| Facebook: @LoveDaphne |

| Instagram: @love_daphne_mrs_pozza |


Love Daphne is making one nester’s Christmas even better with a $80 voucher!

To be in the running all you have to do is be a ‘liker’ of Love Daphne on facebook as well as The Central Nest’s facebook page and like the ORIGINAL competition post on our facebook page.

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Winner will be drawn 5pm (AEST) Thursday 20 December 2018.

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{Christmas Prizeapolooza 2018} Tinbum & Buckethead

This is genuinely one of my favourite local businesses and I am thrilled to have them on board this year. Tinbum and buckethead (soon to be known as T & B Bespoke Furniture) create incredibly unique and practical furniture. 

Owned and operated by Nick (Timber – Builder) and AJ Cook (Metal – Boilermaker) and located in Bathurst Tinbum and buckethead can create a masterpiece for your home. 

Tinbum and buckethead  strives to create unique and attractive furniture and home wares that are made from mostly recycled or reclaimed materials.  

They create a wide range of items including dining tables, vanity tops, kitchen benches, coffee tables, front doors, barn doors, starts, balustrades, bedroom furniture and desks. Having said that they will create just about anything you want! 

Tinbum and buckethead  has  a new range of timber vanity bench tops that are not only made to standard sizes but can be made to order. 

 Tinbum and buckethead pride themselves on creating custom furniture that is respectful to natural finishes and fit perfectly in a practical home. They source much of their material from old buildings, bridges and factories. They have a magic way of marrying together both timber and metal to create pieces that will endure the test of time. 

If you need another piece to love in your home (or office) contact  Tinbum and buckethead today: 

| Phone: 0421 973 912 |

| Email: ajcook@njcbuilding.com.au |

| Website: www.tandbbespoke.com.au |

Facebook: @tinbum&buckethead |


Tinbum and bucketheadare offering one of my favourite prizes this year, a large crafted chopping block/cheese board and a 4 cup coffee holder made from reclaimed timer!

To be in the running all you have to do is be a ‘liker’ of Tinbum and buckethead on facebook as well as The Central Nest’s facebook page and like the ORIGINAL competition post on our facebook page.

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Winner will be drawn 5pm (AEST) Thursday 20 December 2018.

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{Little People Looks} Little Boohoo Bargains

There is exactly zero that I love more than good children’s clothing, you add to that great value and a stylish edge and I am weak at the knees. boohoo5

Recently I discovered that one of my favourite brands was expanding from just catering for the grownups into also offering little people looks.


Boohoo Kids is fresh, modern and funky. It is essential shirts, quality jeans and wonderful dresses.


It’s trendy floral, destination denim and pops of colour.

One of my faves is that they offer fantastic shoes that go the distance, my little lady has been knocking about in these Leopard Print Trainers and they still look brand new.


If you want a cool new look for the little people then make sure you check out Boohoo Kids.


I love that postage is not even a problem, to be honest I often receive packages from Boohoo quicker than I receive parcels bought in Australia, the team at Boohoo know the need for quick turn around on your latest looks. Plus, once you spend $40 postage is free!


Boohoo Kids is cool, hip and urban and your little people will love the way the clothes make them feel.


Happy shopping nesters

SHOP HERE| www.boohoo.com |

*While this is a sponsored post made in collaboration with Boohoo.com all opinions stated are the writer’s own and a true reflection of her experience with the item* 



{The Nest Loves} Swing with Vines of the Wild

My latest love is  Vines of the Wild, an innovate and quality driven producer of eclectic and whimsical products for the little humans in your life.

Vines of the Wild source products from local artists from across the country, the soul purpose of their products is to enliven the gift of nature and awaken your bohemian soul.

They are constantly aware of the environment and so utilise mediums such as wood, non-toxic paint and natural fabrics and recycled materials to minimise their ecological footprint.

I love that Vines of the Wild is not only a source of mindful products but also will cloak our little adventurers in style.


We love:

| Knit Overalls $85 | Knit Faux Fur Bonnett $69 | Heirloom Wings $159 | Australian Map Print $79 |

Find Vines of the Wild on Instagram @vinesofthewild

Happy shopping Nesters x


{The Design Nest} Why you should consider black tapware

One of our very favourite contributors to the blog is the delightful Christine Ghrayche from One x One Interiors. Christine operates One x One Interiors in Orange and offers individually tailored interior design and architectural services to her clients.

Christine is a passionate lover of all things design and has a brilliant ability to see the beauty in the everyday. She is a mother of two, a coffee addict and wine lover.

We are delighted to have Christine and her knowledge onboard. So if you have any design questions, Christine is your go to!


Why I love black tapware

For many of us, chrome is the first material that comes to mind when we consider tapware for our kitchens and bathrooms. But have you ever considered the sleek and sophisticated option that is black tapware? Perfect for those that desire to add an extra touch of luxury to their home, black tapware adds something special to a space that sets it apart from the others, and while chrome will always have its place in the market nothing compares to black when used correctly, and here’s a few reasons why.

  1. It’s sleek and stylish
    Enhancing the style in any kitchen or bathroom, the distinctive simplicity of black tapware against a neutral background creates a look that is both sleek and stylish – think of the simple sophistication of the LBD (little black dress)

    Arden Homes Melbourne (1)

    Source: Arden Homes

  2. It matches perfectly with marble
    In the spotlight as a current and lasting design trend, marble is a classic material that rarely goes out of style. A simple pairing of white and black vein marble together with black tapware will accentuate the darker shades present in the marble and create an elegant and cohesive look.

    Rolies & Dubois Archtects Belgium

    Image: Rolies & Dubois Archtects Belgium

  3. It makes a bold statement
    If you’re looking for a statement piece for your kitchen or bathroom but are reserved about committing to an extravagant installation, such as tiles or cabinetry, then black tapware could be the perfect match. In a bathroom or powder-room for example, combining black tapware with porcelain basins and baths can transform your space into one that conveys a style that is contemporary yet timelessly classic.

    Unknown Pinterest

    Image: Pinterest

  4. It works beautifully with timber and copper tones
    Black is a statement colour, and this is particularly true when it’s combined with lighter shades of white and grey. Because of this it’s important that you implement warmer tones such as copper and timber to avoid a cold and harsh look. Introducing warm metals such as copper and the grainy texture of wood, will help to soften the space and adds another level of luxury.
  5. It loves subways tiles just as much as I do
    I’m a huge fan of subway tiles, my own kitchen features oversized subway tiles laid in a traditional brick pattern. As mentioned above in regards to accentuating the black veins in marble, I also suggest using the same concept to create contrast between your tiles and grout to highlight the black tapware, for example pairing a white tile with dark grout. 
  6. It suits a huge number of interior styles
    And finally, because it can suit a huge number of interior styles; from scandinavian to french provincial to contemporary classic – if implemented correctly of course.


{The Nest Style} Here’s your hint guide to the 2016 fashion trends

So, I know you are all cool, because if you weren’t you wouldn’t be nesters. In case you were a little bit worried and needed an update I gotcha backs babes.

Here are some tips for the Fashion Trends of 2016. Have a read, grab a cut out shoulder shirt and jump on the cool bandwagon.


Or you know, don’t and I will still think you’re cool anyways xx

You’re welcome.

{Locally Found} Addicted to Incy Interiors and their new diggs

Local kids done good.

There isn’t really another way to describe the fabulous team at Incy Interiors.

Recently they moved across town to the coolness that is Crago Mill and their new diggs have been featured on the wonderful Interiors Addict website. incy

Pop over and have a look-see, talk about design LOVE!

Interiors Addict is the coolest website, so grab a cuppa and a bickie and settle in for a couple of hours of interior design drooling.

Happy reading Nesters x


{The Nest Loves} Arrows and Paper Crowns aimed at our heart

Every so often when you are on an Instagram bender you discover a brand that makes all those hours worthwhile (or at least justifiable!)

We recently found the glory of Arrows and Paper Crowns and ERMAGAWD it is true love from the first moment I laid eyes on them!

Basically Arrows and Paper Crowns brings you a superb collection of children’s clothing and decor from a confetti mix of Australian and international designers.

Here are a few of our favourites: paper bag

Carlijnq Paperbag Sac $19.95la ballerina jumper

Organic Zoo La Balerina Jumper $45dayfream print

Frankie Says Dont Give Up On Your Daydream Print $50crown

Tough Cookie Crown $30

See I told you, I bet you are lusting hard on them as well!!

Happy shopping Nesters x

{Life Hack Friday} 7 beauty hacks every woman should know

You know us, we LOVE to make Fridays just a little bit sweeter for you and today’s Life Hack is a cracker!

PureWow has compiled this list and it is fantastic.

7 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know utilises a lot of products you already have access to in your handbag or bathroom and turns them into game-changers!


Happy Friday Nesters x