{The Design Nest} Why you should consider black tapware

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Why I love black tapware

For many of us, chrome is the first material that comes to mind when we consider tapware for our kitchens and bathrooms. But have you ever considered the sleek and sophisticated option that is black tapware? Perfect for those that desire to add an extra touch of luxury to their home, black tapware adds something special to a space that sets it apart from the others, and while chrome will always have its place in the market nothing compares to black when used correctly, and here’s a few reasons why.

  1. It’s sleek and stylish
    Enhancing the style in any kitchen or bathroom, the distinctive simplicity of black tapware against a neutral background creates a look that is both sleek and stylish – think of the simple sophistication of the LBD (little black dress)

    Arden Homes Melbourne (1)

    Source: Arden Homes

  2. It matches perfectly with marble
    In the spotlight as a current and lasting design trend, marble is a classic material that rarely goes out of style. A simple pairing of white and black vein marble together with black tapware will accentuate the darker shades present in the marble and create an elegant and cohesive look.

    Rolies & Dubois Archtects Belgium

    Image: Rolies & Dubois Archtects Belgium

  3. It makes a bold statement
    If you’re looking for a statement piece for your kitchen or bathroom but are reserved about committing to an extravagant installation, such as tiles or cabinetry, then black tapware could be the perfect match. In a bathroom or powder-room for example, combining black tapware with porcelain basins and baths can transform your space into one that conveys a style that is contemporary yet timelessly classic.

    Unknown Pinterest

    Image: Pinterest

  4. It works beautifully with timber and copper tones
    Black is a statement colour, and this is particularly true when it’s combined with lighter shades of white and grey. Because of this it’s important that you implement warmer tones such as copper and timber to avoid a cold and harsh look. Introducing warm metals such as copper and the grainy texture of wood, will help to soften the space and adds another level of luxury.
  5. It loves subways tiles just as much as I do
    I’m a huge fan of subway tiles, my own kitchen features oversized subway tiles laid in a traditional brick pattern. As mentioned above in regards to accentuating the black veins in marble, I also suggest using the same concept to create contrast between your tiles and grout to highlight the black tapware, for example pairing a white tile with dark grout. 
  6. It suits a huge number of interior styles
    And finally, because it can suit a huge number of interior styles; from scandinavian to french provincial to contemporary classic – if implemented correctly of course.


{The Nest Design} Black and white, classic alright!

If you are lucky enough to be looking down the barrel of a new bathroom then here is some brilliant design inspo for you!


Inside Out have complied some of the very best black and white bathrooms available for you to lust after. bathroom 2

Happy renovating Nesters x


Kick up a stink (or hide one)..

Poo, it really is a stinky job toilet training your baby birds.


There will be accidents (and deliberate misdemeanours).

Hypothetically, there may also be times when your toddler-bird pulls down her pants and deposits a nice big turd in aisle 7 of your local Woolworths. You may or may not have wipes with you that day. You (this continues to be hypothetical of course) may also have a screaming baby, a trolley load of perishables and the skills of David Beckham to stealthy kick said poop under the aisle. Hypothetically, you may also owe a massive apology to ‘Phil’ from the produce section who you blamed the smell on. (Note to self: perhaps should also send a bottle of wine).

You need to accept that you will become aware of the 3 closest toilets to your local Coles (we go there now… no reason for the change).

You will no longer have a trip straight from A to B. You will now pass through G, J, P, Q and R. You will need to visit every-bloody-single restroom at every-bloody place you visit for the next two years. poop

Our toddler-bird struggled to start with. She desperately wanted to do it but just couldn’t make the connection between needing to go and holding on long enough to get to the toilet. We tried sticker charts and bribery. We used positive-reinforcement. We hesitantly tried negative-reinforcement. All without much success. Then one of gorgeous friends introduced us to ‘Mr Poo goes to Pooland’ by Tasmin Black.

Written in kids language. With sensational ‘stick’ figure drawings it sent home to toddler-bird the ideas needed to be a successful toilet attendee.

The only downfall is the fact that we as a family, now farewell our toddler-bird’s poops with as much fanfare as the Thanksgiving Day Parade. But hey, we can use the money saved on nappies for therapy one day.

I really recommend this book to anyone who is attempting to toilet-train their little birdies!

Good luck little Nesters!