{Locally Found} Succulent Love

Recently I was invited to my very first succulent workshop with the beautiful Renelle at Pop-Up Succulent Shop to say I had a brilliant afternoon would be such an understatement.


Upon arriving you are met with a glass of bubbles and a delicious cheese & fruit platter (she won me over right there!). Before long I forgot I was in a class and it felt much more like I was in my friend’s lounge room having a few drinks and learning some new things about gardening.


Renelle was patient and explained perfectly what we had to do. She answered ALL my probably ridiculous questions and even helped me when I realised things for my kokedama were not quite going according to plan!

My mum came with me and quickly we made friends with the other people at the workshop, that’s the thing you see it was relaxed and friendly. There were no strangers just friends we were yet to meet.  4

Renelle supplies everything you need to make two kokedamas and she even gives some good hints on how to wrap other plants you buy to make great gifts or house plants.

I am far from a good gardener but bloody hell I was proud when I came home and showed the hubs and kids what I had made. I now very proudly have two kokedamas in my kitchen and each and every time I look at them I get all warm and fuzzy and remember the great afternoon I had.


Make sure you grab a pal and check out one of the workshops offered by Renelle at  Pop-Up Succulent Shop. She holds a range of workshops including kokedamas, wreath and general potting classes.

You can also have a chat to Renelle at many markets and events she attends around our area.



| Phone: 0410 476 445 |

|Facebook: @popupsucculentshop |

*This is a sponsored post and I was gifted the workshop fee. All opinions are based on my own personal experience*


{The DIY Nest} Shibori napkins at the ready..

If you want to impress your dinner guests with a little DIY then look no further than this brilliant video that will teach you how to make Shibori Napkins from the brilliant peeps at Homes to Love.

shibori napkins

Even I could do this!

Find the video here -> Shibori Napkins

So get crackin’ today nesters x

{The Nest Writes} Here’s what I learnt during our first reno

We have almost finished renovating our kitchen and it was not quite what I expected. Not that I really know what I expected. Anyhoo if you are considering a reno here are some facts I have learnt along the way.

  1. It. Does. Finally. End.

There are moments when I can absolutely un-categorically assure you that you will believe that renovating will. Never. Ever. End. You may be able to spot the end line on the horizon but the horizon keeps moving. One day, the horizon stops shooting away from you and you find yourself looking it straight in the eye. That moment is glorious.

  1. You may find you have an unexpected skill

I, for example am an expert plasterer. Did not know that. By expert I mean I am better than my husband and he is good at everything so that makes me an expert.

  1. You will be a shithouse parent

Although we tried, we ultimately failed in the parenting stakes while reno-ing. The kids sucked down on two minute noodles, watched countless hours of Netflix and I swear I could count on one hand the amount of baths they probably maybe had.

  1. Quality tools save you

If you buy cheap plastic crap it will be crap. Buy quality over quantity.reno2

  1. You will second guess yourself and your choices.

By second guessing yourself and your choices I mean you will fourhundredandfiftysecond guess yourself. Making choices weeks or days earlier leads to too much time for overthinking, changing your mind and somehow talking yourself to a point of exhaustion. All for the sake of which way the tap should face.

  1. Some tradies are dickheads.

You need to accept that not all people will deliver what they promise. You cannot rely on other people, only yourself.

  1. Some tradies are champions

If you are lucky, one person will show you what good hard work looks like. They will turn up on time, do the job and complete it with efficiency and without being a dickhead.

  1. Sink the sink

If you have to live without a kitchen sink – tell the kids it’s like camping and they will be excited rather than annoyed.

  1. Cash needs Boundaries

You need a budget and you need to stick to it. Like not pretend stick to it. Actually stick to it. I found Homezade App really helped.

  1. You and the hubs will fight. Stupid fights.

“but if you just let me do it I actually have eyeballs that work” – me to my hubs on day 8.

“Boys are just better at unscrewing with, you know, actual, you know, skill” – the hubs to me day 4

  1. There will be unexpected romantic moments

“Hey ladyfriend, that concrete dust brings out the colour in your eyes” – the hubs day 2

  1. Everything is negotiable

I am horrid at negotiating prices but the hubs is an absolute star. He managed to secure our new fridge for a massive reduction. What was $2800 somehow he negotiated to $1400 including a microwave. So never ever never pay the ticketed price.

  1. Removing tiles is better with lubrication

Tile demolishing is part fun part frustration. They either come off first in one swish movement or they shatter and you find yourself chipping away for ages. I found lubrication assisted us greatly. By lubrication I mean that after two bottles of wine and half a carton of beer the tiles just slide off.

  1. There will be regrets

I should have gone with the sink I wanted. Biggest regret evs. Trust your gut (and ignore your wallet). One of my friends who has recently completed her fourth full house reno (bloody clever duck) said she has regrets about every single reno she has done.

  1. The bug

Once you have the reno bug it sticks with you, already we want to find our next project. So really you never are the same after your first reno.

*Once it is complete I will share the competed kitchen!

Good luck!


{The Nest Helps} Shoelace Tying Techniques to save your sanity (and lower your tripping hazards!)

It is one of those skills that you will have for the rest of your life, but learning to tie your shoelaces (or more importantly teaching someone to tie shoelaces!) is SO frustrating!

Here we have found some fantastic tips to help you out!shoelaces

BubHub have put together Shoelace Tying Techniques that actually help!

Happy reading Nesters x

{The Nest DIY} Felt flower crowns

If you are looking for something to do with your little birdies these school holidays, why not get your craft on.

Now, hold on, I know we are not all Martha Stewart-esk kinda art people, but I think this little project is totally doable.felt flower crown

The gorgeous blog Delia Creates has put together a brilliant tutorial on how to create a Felt Flower Crown.

If you are all clever and an over-achiever you can even create your own felt flowers, but to the rest of us the creation of a crown will be enough!

Happy crafting Nesters x

{Life Hack Friday} Dutch Braid Ponytail

I LOVE good hair. Especially good hair that looks complicated, but in reality isn’t too much harder than identifying which Kardashian likes a good camera angle.

We stumbled across this fabulous little how-to from the gorgeous team at Barefoot Blonde dutch11

Twist. Plait. Tie. Done!

You can find details here -> Dutch Braid Ponytail How-to

Happy hair days Nesters x

{The Nest How-To) Beautify yourself DIY style

In an absolutely perfect world I would have unlimited money, endless sleep and infinite beauty supplies.

In reality, I have like 14 bucks, perhaps two hours sleep last night and a mascara that I am pretty sure expired in 2013.

So when I stumble across something almost luxurious that is relaxing, doesn’t cost a maserati and does not take a brain surgeon degree to create then I jump for joy.

Here we have discovered a DIY Homemade Rose Body Scrub Recipe WOO! scrub

This is perfect to make this weekend.

Plus, what a fantastic gift idea!

Happy creating (and ultimate relaxing) Nesters!


{Life Hack Friday} 7 beauty hacks every woman should know

You know us, we LOVE to make Fridays just a little bit sweeter for you and today’s Life Hack is a cracker!

PureWow has compiled this list and it is fantastic.

7 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know utilises a lot of products you already have access to in your handbag or bathroom and turns them into game-changers!


Happy Friday Nesters x

{Life Hack Friday} Get your garden on this weekend

In case you get your green thumb on this weekend then these little tips are for you!

When edging you garden beds and lawn lay down a plank of wood and use your shovel like this ->


Image: Pinterest

If you need to water and don’t have a watering can do this ->

Image: Buzzfeed

Image: Buzzfeed

To be-dazzle your backyard space why not use some rope lighting to light things up?

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Use concrete blocks as modern looking concrete planters ->

Image: Remodelista

Image: Remodelista

What’s your favourite gardening tip?

Happy gardening Nesters!


{The Nest DIY} Guess who you can do!

Shut. The. Back. Door.

This is awesome and you have no excuse not to bust out the DIY this weekend and make this bad boy!diy-guess-who-board-game-almost-makes-perfect1

Hello, it’s DIY Guess Who. I kid you not!

The site shows you exactly what you need to make your very own version. Make sure you add Uncle Frankie, the crazy drunk and cousin Susie who smells funky.

You are so welcome Nesters.