{Raising Little People} 10 Questions to ask your kids about their art

Maybe one day, Confucius say: Hell hath no fury like a toddler who catches you disposing of their artwork.

The little people with their mighty egos often believe that each and everyone of their artworks is capable of competing with the Mona Lisa or The Birth Of Venus however when you find yourself submerged with the 76th-hundred drawing of a stick for the day it is hard to remember that each artwork often has it’s own story and that there is often a reason behind their ‘creative genius’.

We found this fabulous article that suggests 10 Questions To Ask Your Child About Their Art. It is definitely worth a read.

10 questions

One day the little birdies will no longer create simply for the fun of it, nor will they honestly believe that each one is the finest one ever created, so take the time, ask the questions and explore the magic of your little one’s mind.

Happy parenting Nesters x

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