{The Nest Cooks} Boredom Busters in the Kitchen for the kids

Keeping kids entertained in school holidays is about as easy as keeping uncooked rice in a colander.

The brilliant team at KidSpot had put together a great 12 Boredom Buster Recipes to help keep the kiddies in line. cake

There is fun stuff like DIY sherbet and making ice cream in a can!

Have fun x

{The Nest Cooks} No-bake slices = sorted

There is no fear like the last minute realisation that you must bring a plate to a get-together. I know the feeling of looking in the cupboard and maybe (on a good day) locating a stale box of twisties and half a soggy pear.

Fear not my little Nesters, bookmark this bad-boy and you will not experience that fear again.

Here are Simple No-Bake Slices5239.jpg-20150309014008-q80,dx720y432u1r1gg,c--

Problem = sorted. slice2

You’re welcome.

Happy cooking Nesters x

{The Nest Eats} Lunchbox queen and we are all dunces

So school holidays are nearly over and the morning rush is about to hit you again. Just a heads up that I am pretty much telling you to pack your bags, find a corner and sob because basically this women has owned you. She stomps on every one of us who smashes together a vegemite sandwich on 4 day old bread, whacks it next to a soggy mandarin and calls it a nutritious lunch. Let me introduce you to the Lunch Box Queen!   egg She is wonderful and whimsical and obviously very time rich!lunchbox Excuse me now, I have to go cut some more mould off the white bread…

{Raising Little People} 10 Questions to ask your kids about their art

Maybe one day, Confucius say: Hell hath no fury like a toddler who catches you disposing of their artwork.

The little people with their mighty egos often believe that each and everyone of their artworks is capable of competing with the Mona Lisa or The Birth Of Venus however when you find yourself submerged with the 76th-hundred drawing of a stick for the day it is hard to remember that each artwork often has it’s own story and that there is often a reason behind their ‘creative genius’.

We found this fabulous article that suggests 10 Questions To Ask Your Child About Their Art. It is definitely worth a read.

10 questions

One day the little birdies will no longer create simply for the fun of it, nor will they honestly believe that each one is the finest one ever created, so take the time, ask the questions and explore the magic of your little one’s mind.

Happy parenting Nesters x

{The Nest Cooks} Mars Bar Christmas crackles, I repeat MARS BAR!

How bloody sensationally good is Christmas time.

Not only does it seem that everyone (well, most un-grinchy people) are happier and excited about the end of the year but you get to drop goat-loads of cash of fun pressies, have a few extra sneaky drinks and eat all the food you would normally guilt yourself into avoiding.

We have stumbled across these adorably delicious Mars Bar Christmas Crackles recipe from Kidspot.

How good do these look??!!crackles

Definitely happening in our house in the next little while.

Happy indulgent cooking Nesters!

{Raising Little People} What if you could choose a boy or a girl..

I am the mother to two little girls.

I am pregnant with my third child. We don’t know what we are having, and we won’t find out until our little one is born.

What I find amusing is the amount of people who ask if we are ‘trying for a boy’.

No, we aren’t. In fact, my husband wants quite the opposite. He is hoping this is also a girl. He likes being the ‘father of dragons’ and seeing the relationship formed between little sisters is an amazing thing to watch. If you have sisters, you know there is no one closer.

Having said that, the ability to choose the gender of your unborn baby is a powerful decision.

I have a beautiful friend who desperately wants a girl, so much so that she has been changing her diet and doing everything possible to increase the chance that their next little bundle will be a pink one. What is she had the ability to choose? It’s not that a little girl would be more loved, she would simply fit better into their family. They have two boys who are robust, testosterone driven little men and a little lady would complete their family. There is nothing wrong with that, is there?

Kidspot have published an article discussing whether or not Gender selection should be legal in Australia

boy girl

What do you think? Would you want to choose the gender of your new little person?

{Raising Little People} What about all the stuff you did before you knew you were pregnant?

Finding out you’re pregnant is often a wonderfully, fabulous moment.

You know until maybe you start having flashbacks about the tequila body-shots, the dirty cigarettes and the 11 different types of soft cheeses you consumed with the girls last week.


Rest assured, the chances of harming your unborn baby before you find out your pregnant is minimal, and Sabrina Rogers-Anderson has put your fears into perspective for KidSpot.

You can find the article here -> What to do about what you did before you knew


{Raising Little People} Are you a smacker?

Everyone knows the feeling at the end of the day when you are frustrated, tired and lacking patience – then your child starts misbehaving. smack

Are you a smacker? This article might just change your mind.

What I found interesting is the fact that in 75% of the cases considered, the child began misbehaving again less than 10 minutes after the smack.

Really something to consider.

You can find the full article here -> Kidspot – Smacking does not work

{Raising little people} Kids in cars – know the gamble

You all know the reasons. It will only be for a small time. A couple of short minutes.

You all know the excuses. How much faster it will be. How much less effort it will be.

But do you all know the exact gamble you are taking with your child’s life?

HOT-CARSYou can find more information here -> Kidspot – Just four minutes

Please Nesters, make the right choice.

{Raising little people} Top 100 baby names of 2013 – is your little birdie in the list?

So, its that time of year again – Kidspot have put together the top 100 names of 2013.

Whilst there aren’t a lot of surprise towards the top (hello Oliver and Jack) – names are getting a bit more unusual the lower down the list you go.

You can find the list here -> Kidspot – Top 100 name of 2013

Unfortunately I don’t envisage Kayana making the top 100!

top 100 names