{Teething} Little birdie relief

A little while back we put up a post about Kleynimals.

If you missed it, you can find it here -> ‘Little Birdies you can slobber on my Kleynimals’


Well, we now have in our warm-little-sticky-hands our very own set and they are even better than we hoped.

My baby-bird is currently teething, and it’s bad. She is awake all hours of the night, crying out in pain. Her mouth is full lumps and she is constantly looking for something to soothe her pain. Well, hello there Kleynimals.

They have provided some relief for our little one. She gnarls her gums against the cool steel for instant soothing. We have found placing them in the fridge for a couple of minutes cools them right down for that little bit extra relief.

Plus, they make a really cool kid friendly ‘clanking’ sound when banged around. And kids like that.

I honestly cannot recommend Kleynimals enough for the little bird in your life.

We got ours from the fabulous team at Explore Play Learn and think you should head over right now and grab a set. At $28.50 they are a complete steal and any help for teething is a parent’s dream.

One thought on “{Teething} Little birdie relief

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