{Little birdies} You can slobber on my Kleynimals

Every so often you have a ‘der’ moment. A moment when you stop and think ‘der, why didn’t I come up with that?’ Kleynimals is one of those products. Keys

Every baby-bird loves sucking/chewing/gnawing on keys but as a parent you constantly toss up the ‘but it will keep her quiet’ verses the ‘eww, germ, germ, germ’ thoughts when you see your little one sucky so diligently on your been-in-the-bottom-of-your-handbag-which-you-haven’t-cleaned-in-months-keys.

So introducing Eli the elephant, Gus the giraffe and Leo the lion also known as Kleynimals. They are non-toxic stainless steel ‘keys’ that your baby-birds can play with without the associated germs! They are fully dishwasher safe as well for easy cleaning!Kleynimals_Baby_grande

Simple, clever idea that I wish I had invented myself!

If you want to purchase some Kleynimals locally you can get them at Explore, Play, Learn for $28.50.

3 thoughts on “{Little birdies} You can slobber on my Kleynimals

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