{Merry Christmas} Interview with Santa!

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing the big man of the moment SANTA CLAUS!

He was funny and clever, smart and kind.

Santa took the time to answer some very important questions that had been given to us from some little birdies, here they are:

Santa, how do you know that we aren’t going to be at our house this year? – Ava aged 4

Ava, Christmas magic tells me where ALL the boys and girls are! I will always find you no matter where you are so I can deliver your presents.

Santa, how many elves do you have helping you? – Gill

Hi Gill, I have 5467 elves that work for me (most at the North Pole).

I have special elves that visit people at their homes every year and then report back to me to tell me whether all the boys and girls have been good or bad!

The elves and I make a great team together!

Santa, what would you like for Christmas? – The Stocks Family

To be honest, all I want is for everyone to be happy.. well, I would also love some cookies!

Santa, how do you stay up all night? Do you get tired? – The McKay Boys

I do sometimes get a little bit tired, but Mrs Claus is lovely and makes me some hot cocoa to help me stay awake.

I know I can’t go to sleep because I have too many present to deliver to all the boys and girls around the world!

Santa, how do your reindeer fly? – Jack aged 5

Jack, that’s a great question! The magic of Christmas helps the reindeer to fly. Basically, the more people around the world who spread the Christmas spirit help to make the reindeer fly faster!

Santa, do reindeer really like carrots and what drink do you like? – Molly aged 4

Hi Molly, my reindeer LOVE carrots and apples! I love a nice, cold glass of milk!

Does Mrs Claus help you get ready? – Evie aged 6

Yes Evie, the beautiful Mrs Claus helps me get dressed. The best bit is that she gives me a big hug just before I leave to deliver all the presents.

Santa, how do you know if I have been bad or good? – Anni aged 4

Anni, I have a list (that I check twice!).

The list only works if there is Christmas spirit in the air.

Plus, of course Santa’s helpers make sure I know who has been good or bad!

Santa, how do you get in when I don’t have a chimney? – James aged 4

James, I have Christmas magic so I can make chimneys appear in houses that don’t have them so I can still get in and deliver all the presents!

Santa, do you like Kale? – Marianne

I am used to visiting houses all over the world and love to try all different types of foods (especially healthy ones)!

Santa, are you friends with the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy as well? – Liam aged 5

Liam, of course I am friends with the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, they are great friends of mine and we often have barbecues together and talk about all the wonderfully behaved children from all over the world!

Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all. Love Santa.

Santa even does selfies!

Santa even does selfies!

Thanks Santa, you have a very busy night ahead of you so thank you for speaking with The Central Nest!

Merry Christmas Nesters!


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