Cake Star!

You know how some people are great bakers who can make their children’s birthday cakes without really trying and they look like they came from a Donna Hay magazine? Well, then there is other people (read: me).

I love trying and my last effort was a Woman’s Weekly carousel cake for my toddler-bird’s 2nd birthday. To make a short story even shorter, the story goes a little like this. Mumma-bird finds wonderful carousel cake. Mumma-bird completely massacres structure. Mumma-bird learns that structure is important. Mumma-bird then yells profanities at her little sister (who by this time clearly regrets offering to help) and demands papa-bird come home with his angle grinder and sanding disk to resurrect mumma-bird’s disaster. Mumma-bird then finally finishes ‘cake’ amongst swear words and metal shards. Thinking back, probably not what Mrs Woman’s Weekly envisaged when sharing beautiful carousel cake recipe.

So when I find someone who is talented and clever at making cakes, I rejoice. Cakes by Katrina Tobin is somewhat of a saviour for mums like me whose greatest achievement today was making my toddler-bird a gourmet sandwich (okay, it was a vegemite sandwich, BUT it was on grain).

Katrina Tobin is a star. She makes cakes for all types of occasions and is contactable on 0438 442 028 (note to self: put on speed dial).


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