{Do This} Wrap some watermelon around it..

There are two types of present-giver people in the world (according to my completely fabricated and unsupported scientific survey).

The first being, the smack-a-tenner-in-an-envelope-and-write-their-name-in-lipstick-because-you-can’t-find-a-pen-in-the-bottom-of-your-handbag type of person and secondly the Martha-Stewart-planned-for-months-and-wrapped-beautifully-even-know-where-the-reciept-is-in-case-they-need-to-exchange type of giver.

While embarrassingly I more often fall towards the first option I strive for more Martha Stewart type moments.

Here is a simple(ish) way to make your own wrapping paper. Cute right!?watermelonpaper7

You could even get the little-birdies involved.

You can find the full how-to here -> Watermelon Wrapping Paper

Admittedly, it is a nice touch to put that little bit more effort in.. Maybe keep it in mind for a rainy school holidays day?

Let us know how you go!


{The Nest Loves} Master & Miss has blanket bliss

So I have stumbled across the most pimpin’, beautiful blankets for little birdies.

Not only are they stunning and fashionable they are also organic and Australian made (two of the Central Nest’s most favourite features!)

These would make the most beautiful gifts for a baby shower or birthday.  blanket M&mcrop

Made from 100% cotton these beauties will keep even the most precious of cargo safe.

master&miss blanketcrop

Available directly from: http://www.masterandmiss.com.au

Happy wrapping Nesters!

Swaddling could be bad news for your baby

Do you swaddle your baby?

Photo source: Getty Images

Photo source: Getty Images

Essential Baby has published an article whereby Dr Hiscock of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute advises that swaddling your little bird can lead to walking developments and hip issues to some children.

Your swaddle should be tight around the top and lose enough for movement of the little bird’s legs.

You can read the full article here -> ‘Full body Swaddles Bad News for Newborns’

In our nest both our baby-birds have loved the ‘Love to Dream Wrap me up Swaddle’. We use it to encourage a peaceful sleep and also as sleep trigger when we are not at home. We definitely recommend it to anyone with a little one.

What do you use? A traditional blanket? A full swaddle? Nothing at all?wrap me up