{Book Club} Anything but Love

Every new year needs a little steamy goodness and our friend Jacqueline Hayley has your heart, mind and loins taken care of in her new seductive love story.

Set in outback Australia Anything but Love takes you on a seductive journey through the life of a city girl who moves to the Central West and falls in love with a farmer. It was meant to be anything but love.  anything-but-love

This provocative novel will have you on the edge of your seat and quickly you will find yourself dragged into a whimsical world filled with love, adventure and romance.

I gave this book to my mama with the strict instruction to report back within a fortnight to give me her opinion, she rang the next morning and said “I didn’t sleep and hot damn, that book kept me awake”.

Any book that is read within a night and stops your world has to be worth it.

Head to www.jacquelinehayley.com to grab your copy today.

You won’t be disappointed!

Happy reading nesters x


{Learning} We can teach you something, well, actually, maybe its just not cricket..

Sometimes in life you find something that just makes sense. Well, actually kind-of-sense.

Like, the sense that when you are at a dinner party and someone starts talking about a particular subject you can finally join in without having to:

a) make an exit to the bathroom;


b) pretend to be interested when in fact you would prefer to stab yourself in the eye with a fork for fun;


c) nodding like a yoyo while actually having no understanding of the garble they are speaking of. cricket

The abovementioned reactions are me.. and cricket.

Look, I know it’s the Australian sport. I am meant to like it. I just don’t want to get it. howzat

Anyway the clever folk at Buzzfeed have thrown together an explanation of cricket that even I get. It kinda makes sense now. Plus, it is funny and makes me see men with bats as superheroes.

Here is the link -> ‘Cricket explained by an american who has never seen cricket’ (Catchy title right!?).

Well, what’s the worse that is going to happen – you might actually surprise the hubby with your new found awesome cricket knowledge?

Happy cricket watching Nesters!

Six little words, one great moment

This is not the first time we have featured the work of Rachel Macy Stafford from ‘Hands Free Mama’. She has a way with words that linger in my soul.

These six words could change your entire parent-child relationship. What you say stays with your children, even longer than you realise. Be careful, for we are crafting human beings.

As a mother, as a parent, as a friend take the time to read this -> ‘The six words you should say today

hands free mama