{Girl Crush Tuesday} Surfs up and so is our love of this lady..

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance. Women that make the world a better place. Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.line4Today’s girl crush is on the fantastically talented Stephanie Gilmore. This girl is pure brilliance.

Not only is she the leader of the pack in her chosen field: surfing, she is tough, happy and smart.

Stephanie is an Australian professional surfer who has been world champion SIX TIMES! She leads by example and has stamped her authority on surfing.

She also has a very successful media/sponsorship career with many of Australia’s most high profile brands knocking on her door.

Steph is an honest and vocal ambassador for good health and encourages people to embrace their own strengths, their own wellbeing and imperfections.

She is a perfect role model for little grommets everywhere and shows all little girls that if you work hard, have dedication and desire then you really can rule the world.

We salute you Ms Gilmore.

steph gilmore

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{Inspirational} What is behind the red dress? One woman’s brave choice to share her body’s story

Some woman are brave and do things that really makes me admire them. This is one such example:


A Brisbane woman who posted candid images of her post-cancer surgery body online was horrified when more than 100 people “unfriended” her because they deemed the pictures “offensive”.

Beth Whaanga was diagnosed with cancer on her 32nd birthday last year and underwent a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy.

Her various surgeries have left her body scarred but she was determined not to be ashamed so asked her friend Nadia Masot, a photographer, to capture her new figure in a series of portraits.

Beth was thrilled with the images and shared them on Facebook but was horrified when more than 100 people immediately “unfriended” her, saying the pictures were obscene and disgusting.

“These pictures are in no way pornographic,” Beth’s sister Emma Rayner said. “They represent the truth about cancer and what measures some women will need to take to survive.

“I think it’s brave that she can show her scars and I think many more women will hopefully check their own bodies every now and then.”

You can read more here -> News.com.au

The Central Nest sends good health to this very brave lady