{The Nest Loves} Inkheart is full of talented love

Every so often you stumble across someone that is truly, deeply, ridiculously talented. I recently discovered the whimsical world of Inkheart and the very talented Mahlah.

Mahlah is a self taught water colourist and creates the most magical pieces of art. Based in Forbes we love that this local girl is doing so darn well!

We are completely lusting after the panda and could just stare at his wonderful eyes all day long!


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Orange culture

Some people in the world are just better at stuff. Some people are clever with words. Some people are magic with instruments. Those that really astound me are those who can create wonderful pieces of art. I love that you can now view some of the very talented local artists work on Art of Orange.

Art of Orange allows you to view local works and if you fall madly in love with one, you are even able to purchase the piece!

Go on, go and get your culture on..

Freya Blackwood "They saw magical creatures in clouds" Watercolour

Freya Blackwood “They saw magical creatures in clouds” Watercolour

Angela Naef "Mount Canobolas and wine"  Acrylic

Angela Naef “Mount Canobolas and wine” Acrylic