{Little People Looks} There’s a bear in there

As the weather is cooling down you need to start looking for clever ways to keep your little birdies warm.

This little bear hat could be your solution.

bear hat

Before going any further though, I should warn you that the link on the picture only takes you to where you buy the pattern to make this hat.

So, if you are like me and as crafty and co-ordinated as a stilt-wearing-elephant-on-ice then perhaps find a grandma/aunt/slightly clever person who actually can knit.

Happy bear hat making Nesters!

P.S If you make this we would love to see the outcome!

Barefoot & Coronas – ‘Gig on the Green’ – life is good

If you looking for a great way to celebrate warmer weather, the ever-approaching holiday season and the awesomeness that is lawn bowling look no further than Bathurst City Community Club’s ‘Gig on the Green’.

Friday 29th November 2013 it is the place to be!

Live bands, Free Barefoot Bowls, Free Entry, BBQ & $5.00 Corona’s!

So get your birdie butts there early it kicks off at 4pm!

What a great excuse for Coronas and bare feet!

sack music day on the green