{The Nest Fashion} Bravo Vogue. Bravo.

So, this totally brilliant thing happened last week.

One of the forefront leaders in women’s fashion and lifestyle took a stand and showed some real life supermodels.

Vogue put together an incredibly stunning lingerie photo shoot that showcased five exceptionally beautiful women. The difference is however that these ladies are not your typical models. The have curves on their breasts, stomachs and hips. They are strong, fierce and fabulous women celebrated by the leading fashion bible.  vogue

Plus, you know what? Vogue is like that cool girl in school. Once she starts doing something then people start paying attention. We for one, are very grateful Vogue did this.

Thank you for showing my little girls that beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes. vogue2

Bravo Vogue, bravo.

{The Nest Hearts Clothes} Want a cheat sheet to what happened at Fashion Week?

So, if you want to be one of the cool kids standing around the proverbial water cooler discussing the who, what, where wear of the 2014 Australian Fashion Week then this is for you.

Vogue – Fashion Blogger Test Drives the Best of Australian Fashion Week.


It spells out a pretty decent overview of the looks, styles and ideas that graced the collections this year.

Hats off to the very clever Tanja Gacic of My Empirical Life for this wonderful piece.


Enjoy Nesters!