{The Nest Writes} Why I’m on team Barbie

My little girl had her birthday recently, it was the big six and we invited all the girls from school to her birthday party. It was a marvelous fairy garden extravaganza at the local bowling club, fairy bread was had, lemonade sipped and party goods with numerous amounts of added non-nutrient dense foods were consumed.

When the party was over something funny happened.

One of the mothers, (whom I shall name Daphne) arrived to pick up her daughter, pulled me aside and said “Oh, I hope the girls had a lovely time, you won’t have to worry about our present, unlike some of the others *insert solid eye roll* we chose not to waste our money on barbie dolls”. I was a little taken back and said “Oh, no barbies? why not?”barbie

It was honestly like I had stolen her first born, (that or added non-organic almond meal to her muffin). A fury spread across her face, her brow dropped and I knew immediately I was about to receive a lecture.

The next five minutes of my life was consumed by a rambling, yet well-rehearsed, compilation of all things wrong with Barbie.

I tried my best care-factor zero face…Image result for barbie gifbut, she continued….

  • They do nothing for our girl’s self esteem
  • Barbies portray girls as weak and stupid
  • They are tramps
  • They don’t offer realistic body standards for our children

Now I am not stupid, I know that rarely is a human being able to match up to barbie’s body image, but I do also know that no human is going to match up to Batman’s physique or ability to fly. Should I remove him from our home as well?

My girls create scenarios whereby the Barbies are superheros or surgeons, vet nurses or checkout chicks. Heck, last week, one of the Barbies was the guy that landed the aeroplane in the Hudson River. Imagination in children is free forming and in our home Barbie dolls are just a tool to utilise that imagination.

Plus, if you know ANYTHING about Barbie you will know this lady is accomplished as fuck. She has had over 150 careers and comes in over 40 nationalities. She has had every job from being an eye-surgeon to being a paratrooper in the military.  I honestly believe that my little girls’ self-esteem grows each time they use one of their Barbies to tackle a crisis, they know that their Barbies can come in and save the day. We have about 30 Barbies and only one Ken Doll. What does that tell you? That’s right, in this house we don’t go looking to be saved by a boy, we save ourselves.

My three little girls spend hours playing together with their imaginations running wild. Yesterday’s Barbie experience involved an invasion by the Orange Ninja Turtle which was settled by Wonder Woman. You can’t tell me that any sort of play that encourages imagination, and coordination can be bad for my little girls. My one year old can put on Barbie shoes and clothes, her chubby little fingers concentrating on placing a tiny shoe on the highly arched foot of Barbie without a doubt increases her fine motor skills, plus it is a way for her to be involved with the older girls.

In addition, let’s not all lose sight of the fact she is a doll. That’s right the same doll that it likely to be played with by my nephew, the same one that the dog will eat when she is left outside under the trampoline, the exact same doll that will probably go for a swim in the toilet at some point due to the one year old’s fascination whether things float.

Not everyone will agree with me, but just remember our little family will happily be known as a Barbie Rehoming Station should you feel the need to rehome your vicious soul-destroying Barbies.

So thanks Daphne for your pep-talk but I am just going to kick it over here with my girls saving the world, one Barbie at a time.

{The Nest Reviews} Geomags are magnificent

We recently received some of the fantastic Geomag Magnetic Construction toys and O, my giddy aunt did we have fun.

They are genius because not only do they teach construction, but also the intrigue of magnets. Our toddler-bird thought it was fabulous trying to touch the two negatives together!

It encouraged problem-solving, co-ordination and creative thinking and that is something we are definitely supportive of!

Geomag is produced in Switzerland to the most stringent international toy standards and are now thankfully available in Australia!geomag panels

While they are designed for the little birdies, we found that after the kids had gone to bed there was a whole new use for the toys! SPEED RACING.

Basically, you choose one design and your race each other to re-produce it in the shortest time possible! It was such a fun way to spend some quality time together.

Head to their website to find your closest stockists, you won’t regret it. You can find them here -> Geomag World geomag2

Make sure you add these to your Christmas list NOW!



{The Nest Sales} Check out 30-85% off storewide from Little Boo-Teek

If you need some help getting your Christmas shopping sorted then look so further than Little Boo-Teek for the little birdies in your life.

Offering a brilliant 30-85% off storewide for FOUR DAYS ONLY you could stuff your stockings right up!

boo sale

Happy shopping Nesters!

{Raising Little People} The top 20 toys of all times

The fabulous team at Mums Grapevine have put together a fantastic list of the top 20 greatest toys of all times as voted by their readers.

You can find it here -> Top 20 toys

Christmas presents = sorted.


What would you add Nesters?

{Play} Australian icons cube for your little birdies

This is so ridiculously adorable. Instill Australian pride (and icons) in your little birdies as early as possible with this soft cube.

mmi_toy_cube_01_lrFeaturing kookaburras, thongs, a ute, fairy bread and more they are just a perfect addition to your little birds toy box.

mmi_proofs__228_of_331_-lAvailable from Lark for only $29.95 this really is a brilliant gift.mmi_proofs__238_of_331_-lPlus as an extra bonus it has a rattle inside for extra fun!


mmi_proofs__248_of_331_-lEnjoy Australians!

{Little birdies} You can slobber on my Kleynimals

Every so often you have a ‘der’ moment. A moment when you stop and think ‘der, why didn’t I come up with that?’ Kleynimals is one of those products. Keys

Every baby-bird loves sucking/chewing/gnawing on keys but as a parent you constantly toss up the ‘but it will keep her quiet’ verses the ‘eww, germ, germ, germ’ thoughts when you see your little one sucky so diligently on your been-in-the-bottom-of-your-handbag-which-you-haven’t-cleaned-in-months-keys.

So introducing Eli the elephant, Gus the giraffe and Leo the lion also known as Kleynimals. They are non-toxic stainless steel ‘keys’ that your baby-birds can play with without the associated germs! They are fully dishwasher safe as well for easy cleaning!Kleynimals_Baby_grande

Simple, clever idea that I wish I had invented myself!

If you want to purchase some Kleynimals locally you can get them at Explore, Play, Learn for $28.50.

Know a little farmer?

Town and car playmats are just so last week. Here is something new and fun available locally from Mini Maison.

The farm playmat measures 1m x 1.5m and is fully machine washable (hells yeh). It has a non-slip backing and almost comes with a guarantee to give you hours of coffee and read a book laundry time.

The Farm playmat $59.95

The Farm playmat $59.95