{Keep Calm and Blog On} The Girl Has Sparke visited our Millthorpe

The Girl Has Sparke is our latest blog crush.

Written superbly from a lovely twenty-something Canberrarian named Megan it is classy and hilarious and simply good reading.

Our favourite article so far is this one -> Foodies Guide to Weekend in Millthorpe. Admittedly, we might be a little bit biased due to her obvious love of Millthorpe which is situated in our own backyard, but she is brilliant in her review of a perfect little weekend location.

Milthorpe through the eyes of The Girl Has Sparke

Millthorpe through the eyes of The Girl Has Sparke

Grab a cuppa and head over and check her out, because every girl has a little bit of Spark(e).

Just a chevron kind of day

It’s a scientific fact that in 98% of cases chevron makes everything better. Okay, well maybe it’s not completely scientific, or even true, but it certainly cheers me up.


1. Tomolly custom make chevron cushions $69.00

2. Incy Interiors ‘Zachary Hunter duvet cover’ $250.00

3. Jumbled ‘Zig Zag mint cushion’ $69.00

Tomolly is what dreams are made of!

TomollyMilthorpe is this little oasis in between Bathurst and Orange (well if you were a drunk bird and couldn’t fly in a straight line). It is about 30 minutes from Bathurst and a lazy 20 minutes from Orange. The Nest LOVES Milthorpe! It is full of these wonderful little places that stock so many beautiful things! In our opinion leading that charge are the wonderful team at Tomolly.

What a wonderful world Tomolly is!

What a wonderful world Tomolly is!

If you head over to their facebook page ->Tomolly they are having a competition and will be giving away some of the most amazing earrings! Good luck!