{Life Hack Friday} Dutch Braid Ponytail

I LOVE good hair. Especially good hair that looks complicated, but in reality isn’t too much harder than identifying which Kardashian likes a good camera angle.

We stumbled across this fabulous little how-to from the gorgeous team at Barefoot Blonde dutch11

Twist. Plait. Tie. Done!

You can find details here -> Dutch Braid Ponytail How-to

Happy hair days Nesters x

{The Nest Beauty} Let me introduce you to your new facecare love affair..

Recently, I stumbled across a new brand of skincare that has blown me away. trilogy cream

Trilogy Natural Skincare is absolutely sensational.

Not only do they tick all the awesome boxes like being against animal testing and being supportive of ethical trade practices they produce some damn good products.

My favourite (and definite go-to product) is the Vital Moisturising Cream. This product easily glides onto your skin, moisturises like a boss but leaves no murky, slimy residue.

Plus, it hits you straight in the feelings with a delicious aroma that reminds you of an expensive day spa.

I cannot actually recommend this product enough, it certainly has become my everyday staple.

Available directly from www.trilogyproducts.com – go there now!

Happy moisturising Nesters x

{The Nest Beauty} Good hair in two minutes, while balancing a hangry wilderbeast? Pfffft!

Picture this, it is 8.43am Friday morning and I am standing in a towel, feeding weetbix to a hangry one year old wilderbeast while applying eyeliner and explaining to an exceptionally, curious three year old why we shouldn’t feed the cat tic-tacs (even if they are the orange ones) when I realise my hair looks like a swan’s armpit.

So, like any perfectly reasonable 30 year old I ask ye ol’ mate Google how to resolve this irritating situation. Thank baby hey-zeus for DIY photo-boards.

Here is my latest saviour – the 2-minute low braided bun. It works a treat. Makes you look all smart and clever and modern and shit.

Source: Shesteals.com

Source: Shesteals.com

You’re welcome.