{Review} Valco Zee Spark Duo

There is absolutely nothing better than local knowledge. Someone who has actually tried something before you want to buy it. Knowing the good, the bad and the downright annoying features of a pram prior to buying one can save many tears and hormonal tantrums.

Now add in the fact that you are buying for twins and everything gets just a little bit tougher.

Our pram reviews are one of the most popular sections of the blog and today Joanna tells us about the Valco Zee Spark Duo. valco dup


I have twins who are 11 months old.

The Pram:

I have a Valco Zee Spark Duo.

Why the Zee Duo?

I have had this pram for about 12 months now. I chose it because I wanted a twin pram that enabled me to have parent facing options. It was also the slimmest side by side that allowed this.

Also, I wanted a pram I would have from birth until I didn’t need it anymore.

I particularly liked that it came with bassinets that then turn into seats, so I didn’t need extra parts. Some other brands I would have to buy the bassinet attachment as an extra – costing quite a lot with twins. This pram was well priced as well, under $650.00

Additional attachments:

It has a drink holder section included on the back of the seats and a basket underneath.

It also comes with two boot covers, which was fantastic for my little ones in winter.

Favourite feature:

To me it looks to have all the features of a Bugaboo Donkey side by side, without the price tag!

It has fantastic canopy cover over the pram as well, which is great for keeping the sun of newborns and kids, but they can still see out!

Plus, it was handy to be able to remove the bassinet style seat easily to put a baby down to sleep if I was not at home.

Least favourite feature:

There are a couple of old buildings in this town where we don’t fit through the doorways – but generally I can go everywhere in town. It is large though, but I don’t know many twins prams that aren’t!

Is it easy to fold?valco_baby_pram_stroller_zee_spark_duo_raisin_waffle_02_1

Yes, a quick lift of the tabs and it collapses down. You can collapse it with the seats on also, making it super easy to set up again later.

Would you recommend this pram?

I definitely would, it’s been fantastic for me and I’d buy it again in a second. I know at least 5 other twins Mums that have it also!

It’s relatively new, only came out in August 2012 I think, but I’ve also found Valco to be amazing for customer service.


I paid $639.00 for it.

You can find more information about the Duo at http://www.valcobaby.com.au/product/spark_duo


Thanks to the wonderful Joanna for taking the time to help review her pram – We appreciate your ongoing support of the Central Nest.

{Review} The Valco Zee Pram

If you have been following the blog you would have seen the brilliant pram reviews that have been provided by local mums for local mums.

Previously, we have had reviews for the Strider Plus and ICandy – today the gorgeous Hayley reviews the Valco Baby Zee.



We are a little family consisting of myself, my husband Keith and new baby Liam.

The Pram:

We have the Valco Baby Zee in Midnight black.

Why the Zee?valco

My husband and I had some specifications we required in a pram when we were looking at the beginning of this year.

I needed something that would fold quite small to fit into the boot of my three (3) door Hyundai Accent and wanted great sun protection.

We also needed something that would be suitable for Keith’s height!

Additional attachments:

The Zee accepts a joey seat for toddlers which clips into the place of the toybar. There a few capsules that you can connect so you can use it as a travel system.

I think in time we will probably purchase the joey seat.

Favourite feature:

The Zee folds quite compactly, and also has tubeless tires which means no flat tires.

Another feature is the fact that it has a high weight rating, so will last for ages.

Least favourite feature:

It is a two (2) hand fold so that can be a bit challenging when holding a newborn.

Plus the under seat basket isn’t very accessible when the seat is reclined.valco2

Would you recommend this pram?

Yes! This pram handles great, it looks very cozy, plus has a 5 point safety harness.

It also has an expanda hood so it is great for sun protection.


The Valco Zee retails for about $340.00 you can find more information at  http://www.valcobaby.com.au/product/zee


Thank you to Hayley for providing this excellent review! The Central Nest appreciates your help!

{Review} Silver Stider Plus pram review

After having such a great response to our first pram review about the ICandy, we have another review done by the gorgeous Michelle. She talks to us about her Silver 3 wheel Strider Plus!

Michelle, Daniel and baby Emily

Michelle, Daniel and baby Emily


My name is Michelle and I am married to my handsome husband, Daniel and we have a five month old daughter Emily.

The Pram:

We have a Silver 3 Wheel strider Plussilver strider

Why the Strider Plus?:

We purchased the pram in January from Baby Bunting in Penrith, but didn’t use the pram until Emily was born in May.

We originally set out to purchase a Mountain Buggy pram after completing a large amount of research, but as soon as we saw the pram being collapsed we realised there wouldn’t be much room in our car. So after taking some advice from a sales assistant we were shown the Strider Plus. The Strider also happened to be on special and it was not only cheaper but it came with a rain and sun cover, and foot muff. Great features when we were having a winter baby!

Additional attachments: 

We have purchased the 2nd seat option but haven’t really used it yet.

We also have a Jolly Jumper caddy which is great for holding water bottles and has a zipped compartment for phone/keys. This attaches to the top of the pram.

We also purchased a pram liner from Mini Happy Me to make the pram a bit more comfortable and to personalise it.

Favourite feature:

It is like the 4wd of prams, it has a lot of storage space, easy to fold down and I can take it walking/running. I can also switch the seat from rear to forward facing and adjust the height depending if Emily is wanting to sleep or look around.

It will be great to not have to by another pram for our next bub, plus the foot muff was great in winter. strider 2

Least favourite feature:

The front wheel broke after 8 weeks, but this was replaced by the company under warranty. Plus It doesn’t fit through the checkouts of the old Woolworths in the Stocklands Shopping Centre so I have to remember to not go in there with the pram.

Is it easy to fold?


Would you recommend this pram?

Definitely, it goes well, looks great and comes with heaps of accessories.

You could also purchase a capsule but we chose to purchase a second car seat instead. I have also noticed heaps around Bathurst so it is very popular choice!


Thanks Michelle for taking the time to review your pram for The Central Nest!

The Strider retails for about $450.00.