{Girl Crush Tuesday} The sensationally strong Alisa

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance.  Women that make the world a better place.

Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.line4Alisa Camplin is an absolute champion. She is strong and talented, clever and grounded – she really is an all-round Australian superstar.

Alisa is arguably Australia’s best ever aerial skier and she took out gold at the 2002 Winter Olympic and followed it up with a bronze in 2006. She was the first Australian skier to win medals at consecutive Winter Olympics.

The best thing about Alisa is that she is more than that, she is more than an athlete, more than an aerial superstar, she is a champion of a person.

Following the devastating loss of her son to congenital heart disease at just 10 days old, Alisa and her husband founded the Finnan’s Gift Project. Together, they have turned their heartbreaking grief into a way to help other families who are experiencing the devastation that is congenital heart disease. You can find more information about Finnan’s Gift here -> Finnan’s Gift.

On top of all that, Alisa is a power businesswoman who holds her own in the corporate world. She has not only worked for IBM but is an in demand executive coach and professional keynote speaker. Plus she balances work-life balance with her husband and gorgeous little daughter, Florence.

We salute you Alisa. Thank you for showing little girls everywhere that strength and power is not only physical but also comes from within. You really are the perfect role model.

Sources: The Australian. Daily Telegraph. AlisaCamplin.com

Sources: The Australian. Daily Telegraph. AlisaCamplin.com


{This is life} Friends really would do anthing for love..

This is spectacular. It’s moving. This is a real story about friendship and how strong bonds can be between people.

Have you thought what would happen if someone really close to you was diagnosed with cancer?

How would you react? Would you be holding fear and tears? or would there be wine and bonding?

I know which one I would prefer.

This video is beyond words.

In case your at work and unable to watch the video here is a picture ->

Image: Albert Bredenhann

Image: Albert Bredenhann