{Wear this} Finally a sleepwear armistice

An irrational ongoing search has been occurring in our household for the last few months. My toddler-bird and I have been at loggerheads for what counts as appropriate sleepwear.

Like I said, I am aware of its irrationality but if you have a three year old, wait – if you have ever even met a three year old, you will probably know how the smallest issues can often be the biggest things!

After wearing a tutu to bed, her Ariel swimmers, a cardboard box (I kid you not) and an American Indian costume I finally decided it was time that we set some boundaries (it was becoming an OH&S issue!).

Finally, we agreed on some gorgeous new sleepwear and I wanted to share with you:


These BONDS pyjamas are comfy and soft and girly enough that even her Royal-Highness-Toddler-Bird is happy to wear them.

I really cannot recommend these PJs enough  if you have a fussy little lady in your life.

You can find them here -> BONDS – Star PJs – Plus at the moment they are only $17.00!

Go get some!

{Do this} Not Kim Kardashian gazing but actual star gazing

To be completely honest with you I didn’t even know this place existed. Like, before you get all Judge Judy on me I knew the sky existed but I didn’t realise that in little ol’ Bathurst that we had an observatory.

Bathurst Observatory is on Limekilns Road and is only a short drive from town.


They are offering ‘open night’ tours to satisfy the mini astronaut wannabes in your nest.

You can contact Bathurst Observatory on 02 6337 3988 to make a booking (bookings are ESSENTIAL)

Happy star gazing nesters!