{Learning} We can teach you something, well, actually, maybe its just not cricket..

Sometimes in life you find something that just makes sense. Well, actually kind-of-sense.

Like, the sense that when you are at a dinner party and someone starts talking about a particular subject you can finally join in without having to:

a) make an exit to the bathroom;


b) pretend to be interested when in fact you would prefer to stab yourself in the eye with a fork for fun;


c) nodding like a yoyo while actually having no understanding of the garble they are speaking of. cricket

The abovementioned reactions are me.. and cricket.

Look, I know it’s the Australian sport. I am meant to like it. I just don’t want to get it. howzat

Anyway the clever folk at Buzzfeed have thrown together an explanation of cricket that even I get. It kinda makes sense now. Plus, it is funny and makes me see men with bats as superheroes.

Here is the link -> ‘Cricket explained by an american who has never seen cricket’ (Catchy title right!?).

Well, what’s the worse that is going to happen – you might actually surprise the hubby with your new found awesome cricket knowledge?

Happy cricket watching Nesters!

Barefoot & Coronas – ‘Gig on the Green’ – life is good

If you looking for a great way to celebrate warmer weather, the ever-approaching holiday season and the awesomeness that is lawn bowling look no further than Bathurst City Community Club’s ‘Gig on the Green’.

Friday 29th November 2013 it is the place to be!

Live bands, Free Barefoot Bowls, Free Entry, BBQ & $5.00 Corona’s!

So get your birdie butts there early it kicks off at 4pm!

What a great excuse for Coronas and bare feet!

sack music day on the green