{This is life} Why I run to save my mind

This is an article contributed by one of our fabulous nesters. She chooses to remain anonymous, and we are super okay with that! So, let’s keep it positive and supportive and let her know she is not alone x

watercolourPreface: I wrote this not because I’m pro running or I wanted to encourage people to exercise. Not because I wanted to shame people who sleep train or those who don’t. I wrote this for the all mums who are at their wits end. To the ones who don’t get regular breaks from their children. To the ones whose kids don’t sleep. The ones who feel their control slipping, their world crumbling. The ones who are dying inside.

You, you reading right now, you’ve got this.

You can.

So find what works and do it! Do it every damn day until everything finds its place. I promise that this too shall pass xxx

Let’s talk exercise. It’s always been proudly a word that wasn’t in my vocabulary. Although I consider myself an fairly active person, I mow the lawns, walk my boys to school and I’ve always been the mum that chases her kids at the park. But I’m talking formal exercise. The kind the makes me sweat. A lot. To be honest, it’s not really my cup of tea.

Last year in August I found my mental health slipping, my youngest was nine months and had never really slept, he was, and still is really hard work. My gorgeous little bundle of joy has been a right handful since the day I met him. My baby, he doesn’t like to be carried or cuddled but at the same time doesn’t want you out of sight! Before he could move on his own that would make for a stupidly hard situation. Pick him up to carry him he would thrash and squirm and squeal. Walk to put the washing on and not take him with you?

Stage 10 meltdown.

What am I supposed to do with that?

Getting him to sleep was hard. He never wanted to be cuddled to sleep. He wouldn’t lay in our bed. I couldn’t bare to leave him to cry. How was I supposed to get this kid to sleep? Everyday,  for every sleep I would put him in the cot. He would cry. I would pick him up and try to cuddle him and he would squirm until I put him back down.

Over and over and over.

Sometimes I could power walk him around the house in the carrier, but he was getting heavy and once he was asleep apin drop would wake him. I could never transfer him to the cot, so I would have to sit slumped over with him asleep on my back crying, balling.

The struggle was real.

I was convinced I had post natal depression. I went to the doctor. I begged for help. I asked anyone that would listen for more than five minutes. No one had any advice. Usually as a parent you are surrounded by people who love to dish out unsolicited parenting advice but when you actually ask for it you get nothing.

Tresillan was all I was offered over and over. I read their parent information book so many times. Their sleep School techniques just weren’t for me.

I yelled at my husband. I blamed him because I couldn’t make it work. I was being pushed into a corner, being forced to do something I didn’t want to do because the alternative was dire, really dire. I was on the edge.

It effected my whole life. I couldn’t remember taking my older boy to school. I would constantly lose things.

My patience was gone.

When the baby did finally sleep, I would lay there so consumed by my exhaustion it was take hours for me to drift off. I was the kind of tired that “here I’ll take you baby for an hour just couldn’t fix” I would laugh at the suggestion, not that it was offered often. Unless you’re taking him for a week, there’s no need to bother. That hour would only be used laying in bed thinking, trying to fall asleep only to have the knock on the door and reality to be staring me back in the face.

I went to a therapist, I told her I was depressed. She assured me that is was indeed just suffering from extreme exhaustion.

It takes a village to raise a baby and my village is small, really small. I passed the baton and that was it. It was my husband’s turn.

My husband,  my hero.

He took the night shift from that day, very day. Every shift. For the next month I slept, every night. I woke up every time the baby made a sound but I slowly drifted back off.

After two weeks, I decided I was going to make a change. I couldn’t just hope forever that sleep was coming. I was now convinced that the baby would never sleep through the night and this was my forever.

So, I started running.shoes

I mostly started because listening to him wake up and cry, killed me. It was a reminder that although the nights are over, the days are here, I was on my own and they were even harder.

Every morning at 5am he would wake up screaming.

So. I set my alarm for 4:30am and run.

I ran from my problems, I ran from the baby and his cries, I ran from my life.

The problem is as I mentioned earlier, I had never actually exercised before. So, really, technically, I didn’t run. I walked, ran, stopped for a stitch and hobbled.

Then came home.  Every day.

Now I can run.

Now the baby sleeps through the night and he doesn’t wake up crying (probably because he sleeps through the night) and now when strangers say “what a happy baby” I don’t feel the urge to kick them in the shin.

Monday to Saturday  6 days a week I run. Not far. Only about 2.5kms to the end of my street and back.

Some days it’s easy, some days it’s hard.

I haven’t lost any weight and let me assure you, I’m not very good at it. You know those coordinated women on the Nike ad? Yeah, no, nothing like that. But everyday I get up and give it a go because I want my kids to know that even though they are hard work, it’s all about attitude. It’s all about trying, giving it a solid go. Not giving up when shits really fucking hard and to never ever be afraid to ask for help!

I found Instagram a place of inspiration and in particular @mrs_paulie. She is a powerhouse and has been my girl crush for so long it’s boardline stalkerish, check her out!

So on that note, Peace lovers This rad bitch is going for a run xxx



{The Nest Loves} Riff Raff & Co

Any help getting the little people to sleep is always okay with me, when that help comes in a super duper adorable little package that is even better!raff

Riff Raff & Co in Melbourne sell one of a kind sleep comforters for all the little babes in your life. raff2

One of my friends recently purchased one of these for her little lady and loves it! Apparently this was the first time she feel asleep without being held since being born!

We can’t wait to get our hands on the little fox! O, My! 


| www.riffraffandco.com |



{Raising Little People} Parental Sleep Deprivation is where it’s at…

Parenting truly is wonderful and special and lovely. You are moulding the future generations, you are caring for those that are unable to exist without you. It truly is a privilege to shape the future.

Having said that, sometimes it’s shit.

Your tired and grumpy and cranky.

The fabulous team at The Motherish have put together a very accurate article about the various Stages of Parental Sleep Deprivationsleep

It is funny and honest.

Make sure you share it with the mamas and papas around you.

P.S Thanks to the wonderful Nester Simone for sharing this with us!

{Raising Little Birdies} Perhaps they just need you..

Life is busy and gets in the way.

The kids are screaming, bedtime can’t come soon enough. There are dinner dishes to be cleaned, school lunches to be sorted and washing to be folded.

Please. Just. Go. To. Sleep.

Read Maybe Your Two Year Old Just Needs You by Sarah Mae and take just a little bit longer to appreciate the time. It will be gone before you know it and I guarantee you will crave just one more chance to have it. needsyou

Perhaps your little one just needs YOU.

{Raising little People} Swaddle me up

Sometimes newborns represent something closer to bread-loaf-sized-screeching-hurricanes rather than actual tiny little humans. Plus, you add onto that, the unsettled nights and completely irrational sleep patterns and all of a sudden you are headed straight down the track of sleepless nights and frazzled mama and papa bears.

Swaddling is an easy solution that gives many tiny humans the comfort they need to encourage a more restful and better night’s sleep (which in turn benefits the whole family!)

Here are some fantastic swaddling solutions for all the bread loaves in your life:

1. The Love to Dream Wrap Me Up 

swaddle up

The Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original is a fantastic product that assists your little one to find comfort while being swaddled. Available for $39.95, the genius of this product is that, unlike many similar products it allows your baby to place their arms above their head into their natural position. Plus, as your baby grows it will allows them to have access to their hands, which relaxes many little ones.

We used this for our little birdies and it was by FAR the BEST thing we ever purchased. A perfect sleep trigger for them.

2. The Woombie Swaddle


Next are the fantastic Woombie swaddles. Available for $39.95 they offer your most precious cargo safe and comfortable protection during their slumber, they allow your little person to move slightly while offering protection from blankets falling onto their face. The Woombie are known for not restricting hip movement and maintaining airflow for comfort of your tiny human all year round.

3. The ErgoPouch Aircocoon 

ergo 2

The Aircocoon swaddle from ErgoPouch is a brilliantly light baby swaddle that will allow even the hottest little birdie to sleep peacefully this summer. Made from super soft, natural and breathable bamboo it keeps your little person safe and comfortable, ensuring the greatest chance at peaceful sleep. These little beauties are only $29.95 and available in a range of fashionable colours.

4. Target Baby Studio Swaddle

target swaddle

Target has jumped on the swaddle band-wagon and is offering an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive options. They baby studio swaddle offers a simple, one-action zipper that are an ease to wrap and offers a secure wrap for your little person. As they are made from a cotton/elastane blend it allows some range of movement while still assisting baby to feel cosy. Available for $25.

5. Sleep Wings

sleepy wings

For something just a little bit different, Sleep Wings offer an infant slumber wear jacket, that will provide the sensation of being swaddled, without all the other layers. Restricting your little person’s arms stops the night time face scratches, minimises the chances of your baby startling awake and prevents arm chills. Definitely a contender for the hot little babies who overheat easily. Available for $29.95

Happy swaddling Nesters x

Swaddling could be bad news for your baby

Do you swaddle your baby?

Photo source: Getty Images

Photo source: Getty Images

Essential Baby has published an article whereby Dr Hiscock of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute advises that swaddling your little bird can lead to walking developments and hip issues to some children.

Your swaddle should be tight around the top and lose enough for movement of the little bird’s legs.

You can read the full article here -> ‘Full body Swaddles Bad News for Newborns’

In our nest both our baby-birds have loved the ‘Love to Dream Wrap me up Swaddle’. We use it to encourage a peaceful sleep and also as sleep trigger when we are not at home. We definitely recommend it to anyone with a little one.

What do you use? A traditional blanket? A full swaddle? Nothing at all?wrap me up

The toddler-bedtime six step procrastination program

I think planning every aspect of the next Olympics in Rio would be simpler than convincing my toddler-bird that it is bedtime. There is a six step procrastination program that is undertaken most nights in our house.

toddler sleep image

Step 1: The camel is thirsty. Toddler-bird does not need a drink for 16 hours then at bedtime is desperately parched.  After drinking a small cup of water using about 127 sips we agree to go to bed. Goodnight toddler-bird.

Step 2: My dolly baby needs to be wrapped in a blanket. Papa-bird delicately wraps hard plastic one-armed doll in bunny rug. This is not good enough; it must have its nappy changed as well. Papa-bird mutters words under his breath, but alas dolly baby is changed and ready for bed. Goodnight toddler-bird.

Step 3: I am cold. I need to wear my princess mermaid costume, gumboots, sunhat, apple shaped sunglasses and tutu to bed. Now we are finally ‘properly’ attired for bed. Goodnight toddler-bird.

Step 4: I love you. It has been approximately 27 minutes since I hugged papa-bird and it must be done again before I can possibly sleep. Plus hugs are needed for the mama-bird and the baby-bird. Now the cat. Hugs all round. Goodnight toddler-bird.  

Step 5: I need to go to the toilet. AGAIN. After sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes with no activity we finally agree to go back to bed. We flush the toilet. Wash our hands. Dry our hands. Finally crawl back into bed. Goodnight toddler-bird.  

Step 6: The final step is the rambling. It starts like this, “Mama-bird I can’t sleep, I am not tired”. “Today I saw a fish”. “Look mama-bird I have a freckle on my arm”. “Do you think baby-bird likes pumpkin because it is orange”? Slowly the sounds stop, the talking becomes quieter. Goodnight toddler-bird.

After about 40 minutes, papa-bird and mama-bird are able to channel their inner Mexican-drug-cartel-chiefs and enter toddler-bird’s room without a sound. With the upmost stealth they remove the 47 books that are in the bed. Pull up the blankets which are found delicately creating a cubbyhouse between the doll’s pram and bookshelf and with the grace of Tinkerbelle are able to kiss toddler-bird’s forehead and escape from the room. Goodnight Toddler-bird. We look forward to tomorrow’s adventures.