{Raising Little People} Single mother by choice, not circumstance

Having a child is a massive decision, probably the most important choice of your life.

So what happens if you don’t want to do it like everyone else?

Here is an interesting view on Being a Single Mother by Choice.


No two families are the same and what works for one family may not work for another. At least this lady is honest. This is what she wanted and what she stands by.

Good luck to Katy Chatel with her son Jessey.

Happy reading Nesters x



kate meadley image

Here at the Central Nest we love nothing more than listening to some tunes, but what is even better is when you find a local girl who really is making her mark.

This morning I was lucky enough to stumble upon the work of Kate Meadley. What a talented musician she seems to be.

My ears had the pleasure of listening to her first single ‘Dear Me Thirteen’. What a fabulous piece. Kate has a contemporary folk sound that I think will become a favourite on my playlist.

This single was ‘written upon her return from a whirlwind adventure to the other side of the globe to make peace with the insecurities of her younger self. Kate hopes that her songwriting will help other young girls and women discover hope for their future’.

What a beautiful idea, behind such a sublime sound.

You can listen to her single here at Band camp – Dear me thirteen download or you can find it on ITunes.