{The Nest Relationships} 5 Signs you’re in a Toxic Relationship

Even though we are more into lovers rather than fighters here at The Central Nest sometimes you need to take a step-back and look at your relationships.

Women’s Health have compiled a list that indicates whether you might be in a toxic relationship.


Here are the main points, but you can find more details here -> ‘Signs of a Toxic Relationship’

1. You feel like you can’t do anything right.

2. Everything is about your partner—and never about you.

3. You find yourself unable to enjoy good moments with this person.

4. You’re uncomfortable being yourself around your partner.

5. You feel like you’re not allowed to grow and change.

If you’re in a toxic relationship there is always help available x

{Prizeapolooza} Fifty8George will put some sparkle under your tree

christmas photoshop small copy

Are you the type of elf who has left everything to the last possible minute? Are you desperately trying to find that perfect gift? Well here we are, being heroes once again and providing you with a lifesaver!

Enter the brilliant team at Fifty8GEORGE


Locally owned and operated by Marie & Terry Rouland they will help solve your Christmas dilemmas.

Fifty8GEORGE have been serving the Bathurst community & surrounding areas for 20 years, and have expanded the business to a national level, while continuing a high standard of commitment to a local & personal service (which we at the Central Nest LOVE!).santa

Offering a wide selection of of giftware, trophies, stamps and engraving they also cater to your needs for embroidery, vinyl and metal signage together with industrial signage, stickers & magnets.

The team can also assist you with a vast range of promotional products ranging from pens and caps all the way through to keyings, drink bottles, umbrellas, marquees and much much more.Staff

One of the great features of trusting the local guys is that most of their services are done in-house so they are able to provide you with better control of delivery times and offer smaller quantities of items (rather than having to order bulk with the big companies).

You can find the brilliant team at Fifty8GEORGE at:bell

Visit: 58 George Street, Bathurst NSW 2795

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line4The brilliant locals at Fifty8GEORGE  have decided to help us last-minute-lacking-organisation-elves by offering a $50.00 voucher! This could be exactly what saves you from Christmas tears! All you have to do is be a liker of The Central Nest’s Facebook page as well as a liker of Fifty8GEORGE’s Facebook page and like the original post – woo simple!

Good luck Nesters!

‘Let’s be gentle with each other, let’s read each other’s signs’

‘We must see past what it seems’ <- click link here..

I need help

This is an article that will stay with you. You will read it and remember it. It is a brave and honest insight into life. Sometimes we need to be reminded to think about other people and what they might be going through. This is long, but I really think worth the read. Full respect to Melody Ross the author of this piece. You can read more of her work at melodyross.com