{The Nest DIY} Felt flower crowns

If you are looking for something to do with your little birdies these school holidays, why not get your craft on.

Now, hold on, I know we are not all Martha Stewart-esk kinda art people, but I think this little project is totally doable.felt flower crown

The gorgeous blog Delia Creates has put together a brilliant tutorial on how to create a Felt Flower Crown.

If you are all clever and an over-achiever you can even create your own felt flowers, but to the rest of us the creation of a crown will be enough!

Happy crafting Nesters x

{Locally Found} April 2015 school holidays are near

The fabulous team at Bathurst PCYC have released their draft April 2015 school holiday activity program and it looks pretty fantastic!pcyc

You can get more information by calling 02 6331 2191 or email bathurst@pcycnsw.org.au

Happy holidays Nesters x

{Locally Found} If the kids are driving you bingo…

So, if that time of school holidays has hit in your nest when poking yourself in the eye with a pitch fork seems funner than attempting to think of yet ANOTHER way to entertain the little birdies then this is for you.


Not only you do you get your bored little demon spawns out of the house (and your hair) but you are also supporting a brilliant charity.

Happy bingo Nesters x