{The Nest Cooks} Crisp. Hot. Deliciousness

Shut the back door.

I have located the BEST potato dish EVER!

I realise I am using A LOT of CAPITALS but they are THAT good!

Courtesy of the fantastically wonderful Donna Hay they are bloody delicious.

I made the Crunchy Roast Potatoes on Sunday and the hubby-bird and little-birds ate them all before the roast was even finished cooking!potatoes

Crisp. Hot. Deliciousness.

Plus, they are SUPER easy.

Happy cooking Nesters!

A little Salt bird has flown into our nest

I just want to share a little secret that I have found. We discovered the wonderful tastes of Salt Bird recently at the Milthorpe Markets. O, what a delicious discovery that was! Originating in Orange Salt Bird has changed the flavour of the food in our home!

salt bird

We purchased the Kaffir Lime and Chilli mix  (which we have learnt goes delightfully (and is now a requirement!) sprinkled on corn on the cob) and the Salt & Spice mix.

I tell you what, you have not experienced flavour until you taste these little mixes. I cannot recommend these enough.

How lucky we are to have such fabulous locally made products!

The Central Nest LOVES Salt Bird.