{Christmas Prizeapolooza 2017} Its bin a great year

One of the things that many people don’t realise about living in the country is that it isn’t always as easy as just putting your bins on the curb on a Monday night and finding it magically empty the next morning and that’s where our mates at Rural Bin Service come in.

Offering a general waste and recycling collection to rural residents and businesses in our local area they are a fabulous family run business. 22528580_1411567262291007_1998753455942025231_o

Owned and operated by husband and wife team Shelly and Michael Ovenstone they have years of local knowledge and business experience. Their business came about when they moved to a small acreage “out of town” in 2015 and quickly realised there was a real need for a regular waste collection service. So with the ‘sometimes’ help of their 3 children they turned that need into a successful business.

Rural Bin Service has grown exponentially in a short time and have gone from delivering about 250 kgs of recycling per fortnight to on average:

– 700-800kg per weekly

– 1.5 Tonne per fortnight

– 3 Tonne per month

By the time 2017 is finished they will have delivered well over 25 Tonne of recyclable material in one year!! It is their target to deliver over 35 Tonne in 2018.

Rural Bin Service is also the only one in the state that have a split unit truck that allows the collection of general waste and recycling at the same time!

They also stock this BRILLIANT product called Bin Bomb Product which eliminates odour and keeps those horrid flies away! This amazing product will actually make your bin smell nice! and shock horror – it actually works!! You can purchase Bin Bomb from their facebook page in 1kg, 4kg and 10kg tubs.  23795102_1447872268660506_2667286411943534793_nSo if your little nest is out of council waste collection range then contact the friendly team at Rural Bin Service today!

| Phone:  0431 721 858 |

| Email: – contact@ruralbinservice.com |

| Website:  – www.ruralbinservice.com |

| Facebook: @RuralBinServices |

treeline4The fabulous team at Rural Bin Service  are spreading the Christmas cheer and giving one very lucky nester a $100 Buy Local card and a 1kg tub of Bin Bomb Product (valued at $35).

To be in the running all you have to do is be a ‘liker’ of Rural Bin Service on facebook as well as The Central Nest’s facebook page and like the ORIGINAL competition post on our facebook page.

Remember to ‘tag’ a friend and ‘share’ the post for an additional entry.

Winner will be drawn 5pm (AEST) Wednesday 20 December 2017.

To see the full terms and conditions go here -> Christmas Prizeapolooza 2017 Rules



{This is Life} Gender pay gaps worse in rural areas

This is something that really needs to be addressed.

Why don’t people that do the SAME job get paid the SAME?

It just doesn’t make sense and I am really struggling trying to confidently raise three daughters into a world where they are unlikely to be recognised in the same manner in the professional arena as their male cousin.

It. Just. Doesn’t. Add. Up.

This article in the Central Western Daily shows that it is even worse than that, in fact women in rural areas have an even bigger pay divide than their city counterparts. pay gap

It is unacceptable and we all have to start making changes because otherwise all the little girls will grow up thinking they aren’t as valuable and that is not okay.

Make sure you take a stand and encourage employers to treat equal work equally.

{The Nest Reads} Take a trip down outback roads

You know what is awesome?

When local women do good things. Like really good, clever things.

I have always dreamed of writing a book, but here is a fantastic lady who has actually done that. Well, to be fair she has done a lot of them!

Alissa Callen is an author you need to add to your booklist.

Her books are written with the inspiration of our local area, and that makes them just a little bit more special.

You need to grab a cuppa, ignore the phone and read Alissa Callen’s Down Outback Roads TODAY. down outback roads

Alissa writes beautifully and you will escape to a world that seems a little familar because it’s rural but will take your heart places that make you smile and cry and laugh and live.

You definitely won’t regret finding this book!

Happy reading Nesters x