{This is Life} Someone killed this baby. He is gone now and we could have saved him

baby riley

I am so angry. Upset. Frustrated.

Riley John Hughes was just four weeks old. One month.

He got to live for one month only.

This tiny, little baby is gone now.

His mother and father held him in their arms while he passed away. He finally let go after having such a strong battle.

He fought hard in a war he just couldn’t win.

His mother held him safety inside her for nine months. Yet in one little month she couldn’t protect him from the world. A world filled with selfish, ill-informed, self-centred morons.

If you haven’t been vaccinated make an appointment now. Riley was too young to be vaccinated. He didn’t even have the chance to live long enough to be protected.

Whooping cough initially presents with cold-like symptoms that rapidly becomes a violent cough. It is horrendous. You cough so much you vomit. Your lungs shut down. Your body gives up.

What makes this worse it that little Riley’s death was preventable. He could still be here staring into his mother’s eyes. He could wrap his tiny hand around his daddy’s finger. Someone out there has selfishly stolen these moments from his parents.

Riley’s death was the fifth from whooping cough in Western Australia in the past decade. There have been 252 notifications of whooping cough THIS YEAR ALONE.

I am naturally a researcher and I have examined so much material related to why people do not vaccinate themselves and their children. I guarantee that I have considered your argument and the reason why you choose not to. There is no definitive reason not to be vaccinated. This is not some kind of scheme. This is not unnecessary. This is protecting our most precious asset. It is saving our children.

Someone out there is a murderer. You have taken a child from his mother. You have stolen this little boy’s future. Without you and your choice not to be vaccinated he would still be here.

If you are not vaccinated you need to.

It is not just parents or grandparents, aunts or uncles that need vaccination. It is EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. If you have ever passed an infant in the street, if you shop in a supermarket, if you breathe you need to be vaccinated.

Please save those that are too little to save themselves.

You can find more information about little Riley on a Facebook page that was set up by his extraordinarily brave parents. You can find it here -> Light for Riley