{The Nest Home} Spring is sprung now to add some spunk

As it (FINALLY) is starting to warm up and you can smell the very possiblity of spring it is time to start thinking about your outdoor escapes.

I have found the bestest (it’s a word, I assure you, just don’t ask Mrs Franks my year 8 English Teacher) mod concrete planter ever! It’s cute and modern and fantastic.

mod planter

Made by the clever kids at Very Fine South it has some real spunk!

Available on Etsy for only $28.71 its a steal!

Happy gardening Nesters!

Send the kids to a different kind of nursery..

anything grows

Looking for something to entertain the little-birds?

Perhaps they might even learn something. Plus if you have an epic black thumb like me, it can’t hurt to start training the little ones to save the flora-world.. Okay maybe overkill. Perhaps just save mama-bird’s hydrangea?

Anything Grows in Orange is offering a kids workshop. The cost is $5 (I know – I double-checked that as well-woo hoo!).

It is a fun gardening workshop held each month. Ideal for kids aged 3 – 12 years (younger children can join in with the help of a grown up).

Phone the nursery to book on (02) 6361 4333.

fun, fun, fun!

fun, fun, fun!