{This Is Life} I wasn’t a very good mother today..

My darling child,

I wasn’t a very good mum today.

I sit here listening to you sleep, realising that I have failed you today.

I failed the most important person in my life.

I had too many errands to run, too many other jobs.

The day started abruptly as you didn’t sleep very well. I rolled exhausted and reluctantly from bed.

All day I provided for you. You were fed and bathed. You were clean and full. You were kept from danger.

But, I still let you down.

Today, I hurried away our time together. I rushed through it all.

I hassled you past the friendly old lady with the fluffy, white puppy.

I insisted you rush your lunch.

I thundered at you to stop playing in puddles.

I was terribly impatient and collected the mail myself, even though I know you do it every other day.

I was short tempted and cranky.

I wasted today.

I am sorry I didn’t smile at you enough.

I wish I could have today again. I really, truly do.

I promise I would not rush our routine of applying talcum powder on your freshly cleaned body. I would instead absorb your giggle as I dried between your tiny toes.

I would let you pat the beautiful puppy without hurrying you along.

I would sing twinkle, twinkle just one more time.

I would start today over, and do it all again.

I will never have this day again and I am sorry. Sorry I rushed you. Sorry I hurried you. Sorry I wasted this one special day of your life.

My darling, I can only offer lousy excuses, and the promise that tomorrow will be better, as it is a whole new day.

With eternal love and affection,

Your mummy x

anni sleeping

{Raising Little People} Motherhood: The Big, Fat F$*k You

It is the most important job in the world, but also the lowest paid.

It is challenging and emotional.

Some days seem like an eternity.

No one talks about it though.

Everyone pretends it is easy and that they love it ALL of the time.

Not this lady. She speaks the truth. Lisa from Scary Mommy puts into words the exact way that every one of us has felt as some time or another.

Motherhood: The Big, Fat F$*k You is an honest piece of writing from a mother who today, has just had enough.



{Raising little people} Quote for the day

A sobering thought to be considered when a wave of frustration takes over.

No one said it was going to be easy.

Source: pinterest

Source: pinterest

Parenting really is the hardest job around but you are doing a great job. I promise.

{This is life} A million tiny grains of rice and a daughter’s tears. Are you guilty?

You will have seen her name on the blog many times before. Rachel Macy Stafford is an honest, thought provoking author who really makes me stop and reassess.

She has written an article ‘The Important Thing about yelling’ that will make you consider your next reaction to spilt cereal and consequential anger snaps.


Here is a small section of her article:

“…not an easy sentence to write. Nor is this an easy time in my life to relive because truth be told, I hated myself in those moments. What had become of me that I needed to scream at two precious little people who I loved more than life?

Let me tell you what had become of me.

My distractions

Excessive phone use, commitment overload, multiple page to-do lists, and the pursuit of perfection consumed me. And yelling at the people I loved was a direct result of the loss of control I was feeling in my life.

Inevitably, I had to fall apart somewhere. So I fell apart behind closed doors in the company of the people who meant the most to me.

Until one fateful day.

My oldest daughter had gotten on a stool and was reaching for something in the pantry when she accidently dumped an entire bag of rice on the floor. As a million tiny grains pelleted the floor like rain, my child’s eyes welled up with tears. And that’s when I saw it—the fear in her eyes as she braced herself for her mother’s tirade.

She’s scared of me, I thought with the most painful realization imaginable. My six-year-old child is scared of my reaction to her innocent mistake.

With deep sorrow, I realized that was not the mother I wanted my children to grow up with, nor was it how I wanted to live the rest of my life.”


Here is the link to the rest of the story. -> Hands Free Mama – ‘The Important Thing About Yelling

Have your little birdies become distractions in your otherwise busy life?

Read it. Share it. Change your reaction. For they are only little once,  what do you want your little birdies to remember?

Patience is a virtue

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes being a parent is holding your breath while deeply breathing in, telling yourself it is okay to stop and smell the roses, and the daffodils and the pine trees and the neighbours dog all while running 10 minutes late for a doctor’s appointment.

Breathe. Deeply. Often.

You will not get this day back and they will not be this young again.