{The Design Nest} Making your outdoor weather friendly

One of our very favourite contributors to the blog is the delightful Christine Ghrayche from One x One Interiors. Christine operates One x One Interiors in Orange and offers individually tailored interior design and architectural services to her clients.

Christine is a passionate lover of all things design and has a brilliant ability to see the beauty in the everyday. She is a mother of two, a coffee addict and wine lover.

We are delighted to have Christine and her knowledge onboard. So if you have any design questions, Christine is your go to!


Creating your perfect outdoor oasis… and making it cold weather friendly

The outdoor room has always been a space where people have loved to gather and enjoy with family and friends or even just to relax alone during our Aussie Summers, but unfortunately our outdoor space tends to get a little neglected when the temperature gauge starts making its descent, and the recent apocalyptic weather we have been experiencing lately certainly hasn’t helped.

So, do we want to enjoy our outdoor space for longer? Of course we do.

Over the years the exterior of our homes has been transformed by the design industry to become so much more than just a backyard, it is now an extension of our living space, so it has to be beautiful, it has to be functional, and it has to be winter friendly so that we can enjoy it for longer and these tips can help.

Rob Kennon Burnley House

Image: Rob Kennon Burnley House

Outdoor Design Tip 1. Shelter

Creating a shelter over part or all of your outdoor space has to be one of the most effective ways maximise the functionality of your space and there are many options available, such as the image below, which not only protects you from the elements, but also allows the light and sun shine through as it features glass panels over-head.

Outdoor Design Tip 2. Layers

Cushions pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Layering up your outdoor space with cushions and blankets can instantly create a cosy and warm environment for you to enjoy, and who doesn’t love a fluffy cushion to snuggle. Simply injecting a few soft furnishings also allows you to inject your own personality through the fabric prints and textures, and is a great option if you are a little budget conscious.


Fire pinterest

Image: Pinterest


Fire has always been one of those things that people tend to gravitate towards, like a moth to a flame, and if you have the space then you can’t go past the addition of a fire-pit, as they are not only beautiful to admire but also (and obviously) fantastic for warmth. Fire-pits can also vary in design to become multi-functional, for example some can be converted into an outdoor coffee table.

Regardless of how big or small your space is there is always a solution, and if you would like some help in working out that solution contact me for a consultation.

Christine Ghrayche, owner of One x One Interiors and lover of all things design, is a passionate interior designer, mother of 2, coffee addict, wine lover, and has called Orange home for the past 25 years.With over 8 years of exper


{The Nest Home} Spring is sprung now to add some spunk

As it (FINALLY) is starting to warm up and you can smell the very possiblity of spring it is time to start thinking about your outdoor escapes.

I have found the bestest (it’s a word, I assure you, just don’t ask Mrs Franks my year 8 English Teacher) mod concrete planter ever! It’s cute and modern and fantastic.

mod planter

Made by the clever kids at Very Fine South it has some real spunk!

Available on Etsy for only $28.71 its a steal!

Happy gardening Nesters!

{Summer Hazards} Here’s a survival guide for you

Okay, everyone knows that summer is pretty much the bees knees time of the year. Coronas are cold. Daylight savings is here. Beach towels get a reprieve from the corner back of the linen closet.

Image Source: Michael Rayner

Image Source: Michael Rayner

What happens though when summer is a little bit mean? Some stuff happens in summer that you are unlikely to have happen at other times of the year. Do you know what to do if you are caught in a rip? Do you know exactly what to do if bitten by a spider? Me neither.

So the fabulous peeps at Essential Baby have throw together a survival list of sorts ranging from being stuck in a lift to being burnt in a campfire.

You’re welcome. Now please stay safe this summer Nesters.

P.S If you don’t slip, slop, slap properly I personally promise to slap your sunburn.