{The Design Nest} Why Navy is the new Black

We are beyond excited to welcome to The Central Nest the delightful Christine Ghrayche from One x One Interiors. Christine operates One x One Interiors in Orange and offers individually tailored interior design and architectural services to her clients.

Christine is a passionate lover of all things design and has a brilliant ability to see the beauty in the everyday. She is a mother of two, a coffee addict and wine lover.

We are delighted to have Christine and her knowledge onboard. So if you have any design questions, Christine is your go to!



Softer than black, but still as sophisticated, navy blue is the latest classic design colour to some exploding back into our visual spectrum. From the runway (where many design trends begin) to your home, this colour is now everywhere we look, and has emerged as the statement colour in the interior design world.

Personally, I love to use navy when working with a new space because it is such a timeless and surprisingly to many, an unexpected neutral base tone, as it pairs perfectly with dark timbers, coral pinks, gold tones, and of course black and white.

A current concept being developed for a One x One client featuring navy blue and gold accents

A current concept being developed for a One x One client featuring navy blue and gold accents


There are many different ways in which you can incorporate navy into your home, some suitable for those that are ready to go whole hog and take a paintbrush to their walls with navy blue, but let’s face it not everyone wants to, or can do so.

As mentioned above, the boldest way to feature navy in your home is by painting, or installing wallpaper, which creates a bold and sophisticated statement and can also add a sense of depth and luxuriousness to your space. A gorgeous navy that I recommend is Polo by Porter’s Paints, however it’s not for every space, as each interior varies by light and size, so I also recommend speaking with a professional to find the right colour for your individual space.


Porter’s Polo


If painting isn’t the right step for you, another option is to bring a piece of navy furniture into your home, and navy lounges are an especially good option if you have young and/or messy children. KEZU, a favourite supplier of One x One Interiors, provide a selection of navy lounges, one being the gorgeous contemporary and simplistic lounge pictured below, perfect for many, as its simple lines can be used with many different design styles to create calm, and serene environments.

Tiptoe Lounge

Tiptoe Lounge from Kezu


Option 3, for those not ready to invest in a large furniture piece is to incorporate navy décor and soft furnishings into your home, such as pillows, rugs and accessories, which is perfect for the budget or for those that like to change their interior mood on a regular basis.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to give me a call on 0424 420 254.