{Raising Little People} Your toddler did what?!

Toddlers are turds. Look I said it.

They like boogas and inappropriate fart jokes and licking things in public. toddler tongue

Plus, you add to that delightful mix the sensationally dramatic toddler tantrums that accompany the little people and you have a one-stop-guerilla-warfare-tiny-tot.

The awesome team at Practical Parenting have put together a list to help you to Tame your Toddler’s Tantrums

It is pretty informative and helpful.

Happy parenting Nesters x

p.s please excuse me I must got explain to my toddler-bird why seeing how many lego fit in daddy’s pillowcase is a bad idea..

{Raising Little People} Are you a smacker?

Everyone knows the feeling at the end of the day when you are frustrated, tired and lacking patience – then your child starts misbehaving. smack

Are you a smacker? This article might just change your mind.

What I found interesting is the fact that in 75% of the cases considered, the child began misbehaving again less than 10 minutes after the smack.

Really something to consider.

You can find the full article here -> Kidspot – Smacking does not work