{Raising little people} Top 100 baby names of 2013 – is your little birdie in the list?

So, its that time of year again – Kidspot have put together the top 100 names of 2013.

Whilst there aren’t a lot of surprise towards the top (hello Oliver and Jack) – names are getting a bit more unusual the lower down the list you go.

You can find the list here -> Kidspot – Top 100 name of 2013

Unfortunately I don’t envisage Kayana making the top 100!

top 100 names

{Life is a laugh} 16 things only people with unique names will understand..

Okay, this is not for the Nesters with names like Louise, Jodie, Amy or Michelle. Also you Peters, Johns and Jacks feel free to look away as well. While we love you, this simply is not applicable to you.

This, my friends is for the smaller minority of people who have unusual, uncommon names. babybaby

I am talking names that require you to lie when ordering pizza, the type of names that require a 30 second explanation when introducing yourself confirming that , ‘Yes I am sure that is how I spell my OWN name’, and ‘No, my parent’s weren’t high when they named me’.

The funny people at Buzzfeed have put together this fabulous list of ’16 things only people with unique names will understand’nameYou’re welcome my fellow weirdo name people..

Love Kayana.

{Raising little people} Name me a name for life

It’s the start of a new year and some new little lives need names.

new zealand

Essential Baby have put together the top New Zealand names for 2013.

Is your little birdie’s name in the top 10? Here is the link -> New Zealand Top Baby Names 2013

While these lists really are useless (as I am assuming that most people will not need to know what the most popular names are to provide their infant a name for the rest of their lives), it really is fun to look at.

Enjoy x