{The Nest Health} Snack Attack for Weight Loss

So there is this lady and she is pretty smart and pretty and clever and stuff.

She just also happens to be the leading weight loss motivator in Australia and so when she talks we listen.

Michelle Bridges knows her stuff so when she tells us what snacks are best for weight loss we sit up and listen (and stock our fridge accordingly). snacks

You can find the snack list here -> Best Snacks For Weight Loss

Happy health Nesters x


{Girl Crush Tuesday} The Mighty Michelle

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance.  Women that make the world a better place. Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.

line4Michelle Bridges is pretty cool, not only is she a fierce businesswoman and master entrepreneur but she is also funny and smart, clever and beautiful. Plus, she has a rocking bod.

But, the real reason why Michelle is someone who we respect is because she actually helps people change. She transforms lives. She saves people.

Undoubtedly, Australia’s number one fitness identity, she combines support, heart-warming compassion and tough love to help people make changes. Her 12 Week Body Transformation has helped thousands of people to shed weight and find a better version of themselves (myself included!)

Not only is she one remarkable person in the fitness industry, she is more than that. She regularly supports and donates time, money and awareness to the RSPCA,  National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Black Dog Institute.

She makes working out cool. She teaches you life lessons. She gives little girls someone to look up to.

Cheers, Ms Bridges for being a positive influence in so many people’s lives and for spreading the word of good health.

Sources: SMH, Daily Telegraph, Popsugar

Sources: SMH, Daily Telegraph, Popsugar

{Amy’s story} Michelle Bridges 12WBT finale party

Amy has just completed the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation program and updates us on her progress, feeling happier and why she signed up again. amy finale

The Nest: Hi Amy, thanks again for sharing your story with the Central Nest. You look amazing!

Amy: Thanks, I have lost a total of 8.8kgs and 36cms all over!

The Nest: What a great achievement you have made. What do you find is the biggest change you have noticed in yourself?

Amy: I am feeling much healthier and happy within myself and finding that I have more energy to keep up with my three kids.

The Nest: Did you enjoy the finale?

Amy: The finale party was brilliant. The workout was hard, but so rewarding. The party afterwards was a fantastic was to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

The Nest: Why did you sign up again for the next round?

Amy & Michelle Bridges

Amy & Michelle Bridges

Amy: I decided that I need to focus more on the mindset area of the program to help me continue my weight loss journey. I am prepared and ready to go again!

The Nest: Would you recommend this program to others?

Amy: If you are even considering it you should definitely do it! There is a HUGE support network available and the people are so encouraging!


The Central Nest is so incredibly proud of Amy and her weight loss to date and can’t wait to watch her continue on her journey. Thanks for sharing your story with the Central Nest xx

Amy is making changes!

You might remember the gorgeous Amy from our previous piece we did on her a few weeks ago. If you missed it check it out here –> Amy’s journey

Amy is an inspirational girl who is bravely sharing her weight-loss journey with us!

Amy and her husband Troy

Amy and her husband Troy

Here is an update:

Amy has now lost 5.6kg and a total of 22.5cm over her body!

The Central Nest: What is the best part of the program so far?

Amy: The best part of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT program so far has been the meals (with a distinct advantage of not having to think about what to have for dinner!)

I think learning the healthy way to get nice meals will be something that sticks with me forever. Without having the knowledge to be able to put different flavours together to create the same taste but with less calories, it is quite hard to be able to lose the weight. I always thought I was making healthy meals but using sauces and things with all added sugar so it wasn’t as healthy as I thought. With the Michelle Bridges recipes, you are only using fresh healthy ingredients but when they are put together some can seem like you are having a ‘naughty meal’ but it is still good for you.

The Central Nest: What have been your favourite recipes?

Amy: Beef Fajita with Capsicum & Red Onion, Beef with Creamy Mustard & Mushroom Sauce, Caramelised Pork with Sweet Potato Mash & Apples and Lamb Cutlets with Spiced Rice. I have worked out that I really dislike Kangaroo and I’m not a huge fan of Chick peas!!

The Central Nest: What are you finding to be a more difficult aspect of the program?

Amy: Definitely the motivation for exercise is my biggest challenge.

I am sticking to the program nutritionally but over the last week I’ve been a bit lapse with my exercise. I know I just need to get up and do it and I always feel much better once I have done, but it is an internal fight with myself to get it done. Unfortunately in the last week, it has been the stay in bed and make excuses voice that has won, but I went for a walk this morning, so I’m getting back into it!

The Central Nest: What’s next? Have you decided what your major milestone event will be?

Amy: I am going to sign up to do the Carcoar to Creek Dash which is a 6km run on 3rd November. Whilst I know I may not be able to run all of the distance, I will try my best and hopefully will make most of it. This is certainly not something I would have considered  doing prior to the program.

The Central Nest: Thank you for sharing your story with us Amy and we wish you all the best over the next few weeks. We are very proud of your weight-loss so far and we can’t wait to hear more about your journey!