{Look} Play That Funky Music straight into my earbud

Whether its for working out, chilling out, zoning out or simply pimping out your look here are some of the sweetest earbuds around.

Play That Funky Music: 15 Earbuds

Marc Jacobs Leather

Saks Fifth Avenue – Marc by Marc Jacobs

I love Marc Jacobs and in particular I am lusting desperately after this new bag. The ‘East End Colorblocked Leather and Suede Shopper’ is my latest desire.

After finding out (and utilising several times) the fact that Saks Fifth Avenue now ships to Australia I am forever going to be poor. It is okay because I have accepted that now. As Carrie Bradshaw says “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet”.

Marc Jacobs bag