{The School Run} Here mates have some freezable lunch box ideas

Everyone knows the early morning hassle of trying to combine a smooshed pear, a bruised apple and a half stale vegemite sandwich and calling it a lunch but what if you could simply go to the freezer and pull out some gems?

Well this fantastic collection of Freezable Lunch Box Ideas will help you look like a lunchbox queen!


What’s your favourite lunchbox snack?

Happy cooking nesters x


Bento lunch for you?

These days there is so much pressure on parents to make sure your children eat a well-rounded and balanced diet.

Photo source: Bentolicious

Maybe what has changed is the fact that unlike 20 years ago when a honey sandwich on white bread was the norm, parents are expected to know the latest ‘super foods’, the average quantities of white sugar in processed items and how to cook quinoa. Plus there is the ongoing struggle of fussy children with stubborn tastebuds.

Essential Kids recently put out an interesting concept -> Could Bento Style Lunches be the Key to Health Kids?

“Bento” traditionally originating from Japan contains rice, protein and vegetables arranged in a box shaped container. This trend has slowly been sliding into the western world and is becoming quite a fashionable way to prepare school lunches.

From my experience little birds love choosing food, touching it, helping prepare it. Maybe Bento lunch boxes could be the answer?bentolicious

If you need some amazing Bento style inspiration check out Bentolicious (she is amazing!)

It is important to remember that according to the NSW Government approximately 60% of children are not eating a sufficient amount of fruit and vegetables everyday.

Are your little birds eating enough fruit and vegetables? Maybe making your children’s food a little more interesting could help?

Here is a graph of the NSW government daily serve recommendations for children:

Age Fruit Vegetables
4-7 1-2 2-4
8-11 1-2 3-5
12-18 3-4 4-9






Note: One serve of fruit is 150 grams (equal to 1 medium-sized apple; 2 smaller pieces (e.g. apricots); 1 cup of canned or chopped fruit; ½ cup (125ml) 99% unsweetened fruit juice; or 1½ tablespoons dried fruit). One serve of vegetables is 75 grams (equal to ½ cup cooked vegetables; 1 medium potato; 1 cup of salad vegetables; or ½ cup cooked legumes (dried beans, peas or lentils).

Happy healthy eating little Nesters!