{The Nest Home} For the love of nesty comfort!

So, of course at The Central Nest we love all things comfy, big and generous.

This is our DREAM addition to our home, I do warn you though it don’t come cheep (I mean, cheap!)


You’re looking at handing over about $3,800.00 in bird seed to get this bad boy in your home, and that’s just for the smallest one.

But, hey. How much is your comfort worth?

You can explore them here -> The Giant Birds Nest

{Do this} 55 Movies to watch before you’re 30(ish)

Holidays are within stinkin’ distance and if you are anything like us, you will have a bazillion things to do for the first few days then after that you will be looking for some couch time before heading back to the grind.

Marie Claire have put together a brilliant list of 55 movies to watch before you’re 30 (well, we are all 30 right?!)mcx-bachelorette

It is is pretty interesting list and shamefully I have to admit I have not seen them all!

What else would you add?

Happy relaxing Nesters!