{Bow down} Beautiful bows

Little Bumble Bugs is a fabulous local business who is adding some bling to your everyday.

This great little business offers something for everyone, from bows to lanyards, from sparkly gems to headbands. There is literally something for every occasion.

Our friends at Little Bumble Bugs can personalise your team colours or even create a bow just for you.

They make fantastic presents and stocking fillers. They would be incredible party favours or kris kringle gifts. I even have a few stashed away in the linen cupboard for all those sneaky kids birthday parties.

Little Bumble Bugs offer boutique bows, headbands and non-slip clips in various sizes for babies to adults.

You can find Little Bumble Bugs:

Website: www.littlebumblebugs.com

Facebook: @littlebumblebugs

Plus, they are offering all you beautiful readers a 10% discount! Just enter CNEST10 at the checkout!

{Raising Little People} Do you know the warning signs of a potential speech and language development problem?

If you have concerns about your little birdie’s speech or language development then this is for you.

Modern Speechie have put together some warning  Speech and Language Development signs for you. It will help you decide whether you need to seek help for your little birdie. speech

Happy health Nesters x

{Raising Little People} Is your little birdy heading to big school this year?

Although I, myself am not staring down that barrel until 2016 I do have many friends who will be sending their little birdies to big school for the first time this year.

I stumbled across this hilarious Step by Step Guide to the First Day of School by the extraordinarily funny Em Rusciano.

It is certainly worth a read. em

Read it. Breathe it. Survive it.

Happy first day little Nesters x

{Raising Little People} The latest parenting trend – the CTFD method

The Daddy Complex has discovered the answer to life. The daddy complex

It is an amazing view of parenting that really needs attention.

Basically,it’s called CTFD parenting and it could save you..

Here is the link -> Latest Parenting Trend – The CTFD method

Go there. NOW!

{Raising Little People} Is being a good mother making you a bad wife?


There is no one that will argue against the fact that being a parent is sometimes a stressful, difficult and hard job. Quite possibly the toughest gig in the world.

The little humans require so much from you, feeding, cleaning, entertainment. But most of all, time.

What happens to your relationship though? Is the ongoing strive to be a good mother making you a bad wife/partner?

Do you put your relationship second, even if unintentionally?  Then this article is for you – Kate Parlin’s – ‘Being a good mom is making me a bad wife’

How do you keep your relationship a priority? Or are you just content in the tomato-sauce-stained-tee-and-please-fix-the-lightbulb stage of your relationship? We would love to hear from you.

Happy reading Nesters xo

{Little People Looks} Yep, it is official these are the cutest shoes ever!

Yes, I am aware that this would have been WAY cooler if I had found it before Easter but I didn’t. Whatevs, I am as disappointment in myself as you are!

These are just simply the cutest things I have ever seen.

These little bootie bad boys are 100% premium Merino wool yard and softer than a baby’s proverbial.


Made by the very clever Lacey Smith of Pretty Little, at only US$32.00 these are a complete steal!

SO bloody cute!

The fourth trimester idea

The fourth trimester – Mamabythebay.com <- follow this link

I have been enjoying the work of Kim Simon of ‘mamabythebay.com’ for a little while now but her latest blog really struck a chord with me. Could the idea of the fourth trimester be real? I certainly think maybe…

full credit to 'mamabythebay.com'

full credit to ‘mamabythebay.com’