{This if Life} The United State of Women

I feel so passionately about encouraging equal treatment for women, for fighting for a safer, healthier world for our daughters to exist in. The United State of Women focuses on making our world a better place. While is it based in the USA the idea, the concept and the power of something like this is remarkable.

You can see more on the video here ->

The United State of Women is focused on six main topics:

  1. Economic Empowerment
  2. Health & Wellness
  3. Educational Opportunity
  4. Violence Against Women
  5. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  6. Leadership & Civic Engagement

So today I make a pledge.

The United State of Women Profile Pledge


You too can pledge to help make our world a little bit more equal, a little bit more fair. Day by day. Today we can change tomorrow.

Head over to TheUnitedStateofWomen.org for more information.



{This is Life} I run like a girl and I like it..

Recently, I stumbled across a video that had been shared by many of my friends.

It makes you think. It makes you feel.girl

It has caused a celebration of womanhood. It started a movement to embrace being a girl.

You should watch this with your daughters, your neices and with all little ladies in your life.

Yes. I run like a girl and I like it.