{The Nest Loves} The DailyGreatness Journal may just turn your life around

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I am the Kween of procrastination, promises of tomorrow and ‘gunnas’ but I have finally found something to help reign in my poor excuses and bad food choices.

Friends, let me introduce you to the DailyGreatness Journal.


The premise of these little beauties accourding to their creator Lyndelle Palmer Clarke is that you can “be your own guru, the journals help to empower you to consciously create your days, help you reach your potential and support you in realising you are the architect of your destiny”.

You can choose between either the Daily Greatness Journal, the Daily Greatness Business Planner, Yoga Journal or Training Journal (12 week). journals

I am planning on getting my chubby little mitts on the DailyGreatness 12 week Training Journal, how brillz will that be during the lead up to summer?

What feature I love the most is that the journals offer a holistic training guide, especailly targeted towards women. Plus, any help to be healthier and live longer is great!


In addition, if you know me at all you will know what a ridiculous stationary addict I am, and thankfully these journals are not only good for my health but also my eyeballs! Offering high quality paper, beautiful luscious designs as well as the kick in the arse I need, it really is a match made in heaven.

Pop over and check out the store at DailyGreatness today.

Happy life planning Nesters xx


 *DailyGreatness & The Central Nest are affiliates, so when you purchase from them you are helping our little blog x

{Girl Crush Tuesday} The wonderfully, brilliant Sally

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance.  Women that make the world a better place. Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.

line4Sally Fitzgibbons is a bloody star. She is fierce and talented, clever and strong – she really is an inspiration.

She kick-started her career when she was crowned the youngest ever winner of an ASP Pro Junior event. Since that time she has continued to excel at surfing. In fact in 2012 she was crowned winner at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach.

More than surfing, Sally is an all-round good person she regularly donates her time to help address binge-drinking and responsibility (you can check out her campaign here -> Be The Influence. Plus she works hand-in-hand with the Surf Life Saving New South Wales & Queensland teaching youngsters the importance of beach and water safety.

It is so empowering to see a young female stamping her authority over a sport that is often dominated by men, but more than that Sally gives back to the community and inspires little girls everywhere to be their absolute best.

Sources: Roxy, Cosmo, Ninemsn

Sources: Roxy, Cosmo, Ninemsn


{The Nest Health} Pregnancy and exercise do they mix?

We love to hear from you and one of the most common questions that has been asked by our Nesters is whether it is safe to exercise while pregnant. Our resident health contributor, Riss from Larissa Beer Personal Training helps answer your concerns.


Over the last few year there has been a lot of talk in the media about exercising while pregnant and while it can be quite a controversial topic I believe with the right healthcare guidance and common sense its benefits definitely outweigh any concerns. I personally have trained clients right up until their last week of pregnancy and as soon as eight weeks after giving birth.

pregnant belly

Exercise can do wonders for you during pregnancy. It not only helps prepare you for childbirth by strengthening your muscles and building endurance but also assists your body in its journey to returning to normal post pregnancy.

I definitely would not recommend exercising at the same intensity as you would have before falling pregnant, but at a slower, safer pace. In particular you need to take care with the choice of exercise and pay attention to technique so you don’t injure yourself or your baby.

Exercising can assist with weight management, keeping you supple and preparing your muscles for the hard work of labour and delivery — without causing undue physical stress for you or your baby. You could try running and weight training in the beginning, but you may need to modify your regime as you grow bigger. Try and avoid anything where you have a higher risk of falling like bike riding or skiing in the winter.


The following exercises are fairly safe for expectant mothers, but remember each individual is different so it is best to talk to your doctor first.

Walking- one of the best exercises during pregnancy, it gets your heart rate up yet safe enough to continue throughout the whole term of your pregnancy. It is also unlikely to cause jarring on the knees and ankles.

Swimming- Healthcare providers and fitness experts have said swimming is the best and safest exercise for pregnant women. Swimming is ideal because it exercises both large muscle groups (arms and legs), provides good cardiovascular benefits, and allows pregnant women to feel weightless despite the extra weight of pregnancy.

Yoga- Yoga and stretching can help maintain muscle tone and keep you flexible with little if any impact on your joints. However, you may have to substitute a yoga session by walking a couple times a week to give your heart a workout.

Pilates- Pilates is a form of exercise which combines flexibility and strength training with body awareness, breathing and relaxation. The exercises are based on certain movement patterns performed with your tummy and pelvic floor muscles — known in Pilates as the “stable core” or base. These muscles are also known as deep stabilizing muscles. Your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles weaken during pregnancy so Pilates can be useful in strengthening those areas.

Weight training– If weight training is already part of your exercise routine, there’s no reason to stop, although you will need to avoid using heavy weights and assuming certain positions. Be careful not to overheat and as your pregnancy progresses into the later months you may want to taper off to avoid fatigue.

Of course each pregnancy is different and you should speak to your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise regime.

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As always, I am here to answer any fitness related questions you have so please email me at centralwestnest@outlook.com and I will respond as soon as possible!

Happy exercising Nesters!

{The Nest Health} Work it, Baby (and look good)

Don’t just resolve to work out more, resolve to look good doing it.

A new wardrobe can help make you feel better, push harder and motivate you.

Here is a small collection of our favourite new workout wear.Pump it, pump it real good

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Happy exercising Nesters x

{The Central Nest & BONDS} ‘You can’t touch this. Stop. It’s MO-Time’

During the recent few months I have been lucky enough to be working alongside BONDS providing a couple of pieces for their fabulous blog (which you can find here -> BONDS Bumps & Baby Blog)

bondsHere is my latest installment – ‘You can’t touch this, Stop. It’s Mo-TIME’


Basically, this article covers everything from running for congress to shaving your legs.

How about you jump on the MO-Time train?

A big thanks to BONDS for giving me an opportunity to contribute to their brilliant blog, it has been a real honour.

Happy reading Nesters x

Refining the secret to healthy aging

This is interesting. Searching for hints, tips and tricks to keep you looking younger? refinery29

Here, Refinery29 have put together a really brilliant article which has been broken down into age decades.

Here is the link-> Health tips for each agerefinery29agephoto

I love that it shows you small changes you can make to improve your skin, lifestyle and general wellbeing.

Having said that, reading this made me realise how mean I was to my body in its 20s… spose I best spend the next 20 making it up to myself!

Happy health and wellbeing nesters!

Multisports (and multi-laughs!)

Today I found some interesting guidelines on how much physical activity adults should undertake. Basically you should have 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days of the week. According to the Department of Health and Aging there are four steps to help enhance your health

Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults

Step 1 – Think of movement as an opportunity, not an inconvenience
Where any form of movement of the body is seen as an opportunity for improving health, not as a time-wasting inconvenience.
Step 2- Be active every day in as many ways as you can
Make a habit of walking or cycling instead of using the car, or do things yourself instead of using labour-saving machines.
Step 3 – Put together at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, day.
You can accumulate your 30 minutes (or more) throughout the day by combining a few shorter sessions of activity of around 10 to 15 minutes each.
Step 4 – If you can, also enjoy some regular, vigorous activity for extra health and fitness
This step does not replace Steps 1-3. Rather it adds an extra level for those who are able, and wish, to achieve greater health and fitness benefits.

If you are looking for a fun way to do some exercise look no further than playing multisports at the Bathurst Indoor Sports Stadium. Each week you play a new sport which can include netball, basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball or even touch football. The best aspect is that anyone of any fitness level (trust me on that) can play!

basketball stadium
Further information regarding the government’s guidelines are available on National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults