{The Nest Helps} Shoelace Tying Techniques to save your sanity (and lower your tripping hazards!)

It is one of those skills that you will have for the rest of your life, but learning to tie your shoelaces (or more importantly teaching someone to tie shoelaces!) is SO frustrating!

Here we have found some fantastic tips to help you out!shoelaces

BubHub have put together Shoelace Tying Techniques that actually help!

Happy reading Nesters x

{Raising little people} 25 things little girls wish daddies knew

Little girls just love their daddies. It is the simplest thing in life. Their first true love.

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

Essential kids have put together the list of all things little girls wish their daddies knew.

You can find it here -> ’25 things little girls wish their daddies knew’

Share this with all the daddies of the little ladies in your life.

{To do} January Workshops for the kids – overseen by the dinosaurs

So Christmas has been and gone and the little birdies are bored, how about a holiday workshop with the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum located in Bathurst?

Your little birds will learn all sorts of crazy things, from creepy crawly facts to how to make a sun print photograph!

It is cheap as lunch; $12.00 and designed for little birds aged between 7 & 13.

january workshops

Booking are essential so contact the fossil crew on 6331 5511

Happy learning Nesters!