{The Nest Health} How to take care of yourself this Easter

Holy guacamole Batman, I was just perusing my calender (cause I’m cool like that) and realised that Easter is literally just around the corner!

Nearly upon us is that time of over indulgence, over eating and general overload of chocolate! 

So we contacted our fantastic resident health expert Riss Beer from Larissa Beer Personal Training to give us some hints, tips and realistic motivation to take care of ourselves this Easter holiday. easter


Hi again Nesters!

I know what it is like, you’re busy, you’re stressed, there’s plenty of parties and events to go to … so why not just take a break from your fitness program until after Easter? Sure, you can always come up with an excuse not to exercise. But slacking off on your exercise during the Easter break will only leave you with more kilos and more stress. So here are some tips to keep on track during the chocolate period.

  • Its important to keep exercise a priority during this Easter long weekend, so if it helps schedule a certain time each day dedicated just to exercise, this way you know it will get done.
  • Try to maintain your normal exercise routine as much as possible. People who are able to maintain their normal exercise regime and dietary regime during their holiday break will have more success in managing their weight.
  • Watch yourself: Monitor how much you eat and exercise during the break. People who consistently monitor these behaviours in the holidays are more likely to maintain or even lose weight, sure you can have a chocolate or two for Easter, just don’t go overboard and overindulge when it comes to ALL food choices, it may taste great at the time but you will regret it later.
  • If you’re travelling, planning ahead can make all the difference. Take some time to figure out what your options are so you’re ready for anything. Just a few ideas:

-Search for walking, running or park trails nearby

-Look up information about the hotel you’re staying at and find out if they have an exercise room

-If you’re staying with family, ask if they have any fitness equipment

-If that’s not an option, find a nearby gym and ask if they let guests use their facility

  •  If you are pressed for time and cant get to the gym, or your gym closes during the Easter period, try an at home no equipment circuit, these are great as they use limited space take roughly 30 minutes. They incorporate both high intensity cardio and body resistance exercises. Exercise DVDs are also readily available and great for those pressed for time.
  • Walk as much as possible. Take extra laps at the shopping centre, use the stairs, volunteer to walk the dog (pets need exercise too)

I hope you enjoy this Easter period with your loved ones.

love larissa copy

Happy health Nesters!





{Christmas Prizeapolooza} Win the gift of fit

One of our very favourite contributors to the blog is the fantastically motivating and friendly Riss from Larissa Riss Personal Training.

She offers one on one and group training in a supportive and energetic environment and is the perfect addition to your fitness regime.

Whether you are interested in losing some weight, you have a specific injury or just want to improve your general overall fitness then look no further.riss

Riss will meet with you in a comfortable and supportive environment to discuss the outcome that you want to achieve and together you will work out the best, most efficient way to achieve your goals.tree

The gorgeous Riss has happily jumped on the Christmas Prizeapolooza bandwagon and is offering a wonderful prize to one very lucky Nester. You could kick off the New Year with a one on one personal training session that also includes a detailed personal consultation. Fantastic!

To be in the running all you have to do is be a ‘liker’ of Larissa Beer Personal Training as well as The Central Nest and ‘like’ the competition post on our Facebook page.

Remember for an additional entry remember to ‘tag’ a friend!

Prize will be drawn 21 November 2014!

Good luck Nesters!

{The Nest Health} A fierce, fast 10 minutes

Our sensational, resident personal trainer, Riss from Larissa Beer Personal Training, has some great advice for a quick workout even if you can only find 10 minutes.   line4

Hi Nesters, everyone knows the feeling of being super busy and feeling like you can’t find some time to burn some calories, but even in just 10 minutes you can work up a sweat.

10 mins

The best thing about this circuit is that you can do it when you wake up, finish work or even in your lunch break. It requires no equipment just a little bit of floor space.

  • 50 star jumps
  • 15 pushups
  • 20 situps
  • 20 bicycle crunches
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 30 sec plank

Do this for 3 cycles.

As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at centralwestnest@outlook.com

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{The Nest Health} Why use a personal trainer?

It’s Monday tomorrow – you know that day when you are meant to make good on your healthy eating and exercising promises?!

If you need a little extra motivation why not look at getting a personal trainer?

The Central Nest’s very own health contributor, Riss from Larissa Beer Personal Training spills the beans on why you should consider getting your very own trainer!

line4A personal trainer is a great way to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, work on muscle tone or improve your general fitness, having a personal trainer will keep you motivated and challenged.

We all flip through the magazines and long for Jens abs or Miranda’s legs, well believe it or not they were not born that way – their bodies come down to hard work and carefully thought out exercise programs by their trainers. Admittedly, we don’t all live on the same A-list budget as Jen and Miranda, but if you look around and you will find there are affordable personal trainers in your area that can help you achieve all of your fitness and health goals.

Today I will set out some of the very best features of having a personal trainer:


The benefit of a personal trainer is that they will listen to what you want to achieve and then sit down and work out a plan to get you there. This usually involves setting small, specific and goals so that you can see and feel progress on your way to achieving your ultimate end goal.GoalSetting


Having a personal trainer means your training program is customised specifically for you. A personal trainer will assess your strengths and weaknesses, take into account current or past illnesses and injuries and come up with a fitness plan accordingly. No two people are the same – so why should your exercise program be?


A good personal trainer will be enthusiastic about your training schedule. They will provide feedback and encouragement. A personal trainer is particularly beneficial when the going gets tough, you know those days when you’d rather just give up and lay on the lounge watching trashy T.V eat a bag of chips. They will continue to encourage and support you – even when you feel like throwing the towel in.


A personal trainer will use a variety of exercises to keep you motivated. They will give you cardio, strength, flexibility and nutritional guidance. They will also challenge you so you keep improving. There are various, different ways of changing a session, I, myself challenge my clients by giving them a fitness test and they have to try and beat the times they previously set this keeps them focused, allows them to see how far there fitness has come and gives them room for improvement.personal trainer


Personal trainers ensure you are performing exercises safely and correctly. They are educated and trained in the correct techniques that will give you the best results but that prevent injury. Many times when we are left to our own devices exercises aren’t performed correctly and this is when injury is likely to occur.

It’s not just celebrities or athletes who use personal trainers. People of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness benefit from having a personal trainer. Having a trainer is a great way to get one on one motivational and an intense exercise program tailored for you and only you. Trainers don’t judge. They help you to see all of your successes, big and small, even when you can’t see them yourself.

So why don’t you try personal training today and experience some of these benefits for yourself?

As always, I am here to answer any fitness related questions you have, so please email me at centralwestnest@outlook.com and I will respond as soon as possible!love larissa copy

Happy health Nesters!

{The Nest Health} Pregnancy and exercise do they mix?

We love to hear from you and one of the most common questions that has been asked by our Nesters is whether it is safe to exercise while pregnant. Our resident health contributor, Riss from Larissa Beer Personal Training helps answer your concerns.


Over the last few year there has been a lot of talk in the media about exercising while pregnant and while it can be quite a controversial topic I believe with the right healthcare guidance and common sense its benefits definitely outweigh any concerns. I personally have trained clients right up until their last week of pregnancy and as soon as eight weeks after giving birth.

pregnant belly

Exercise can do wonders for you during pregnancy. It not only helps prepare you for childbirth by strengthening your muscles and building endurance but also assists your body in its journey to returning to normal post pregnancy.

I definitely would not recommend exercising at the same intensity as you would have before falling pregnant, but at a slower, safer pace. In particular you need to take care with the choice of exercise and pay attention to technique so you don’t injure yourself or your baby.

Exercising can assist with weight management, keeping you supple and preparing your muscles for the hard work of labour and delivery — without causing undue physical stress for you or your baby. You could try running and weight training in the beginning, but you may need to modify your regime as you grow bigger. Try and avoid anything where you have a higher risk of falling like bike riding or skiing in the winter.


The following exercises are fairly safe for expectant mothers, but remember each individual is different so it is best to talk to your doctor first.

Walking- one of the best exercises during pregnancy, it gets your heart rate up yet safe enough to continue throughout the whole term of your pregnancy. It is also unlikely to cause jarring on the knees and ankles.

Swimming- Healthcare providers and fitness experts have said swimming is the best and safest exercise for pregnant women. Swimming is ideal because it exercises both large muscle groups (arms and legs), provides good cardiovascular benefits, and allows pregnant women to feel weightless despite the extra weight of pregnancy.

Yoga- Yoga and stretching can help maintain muscle tone and keep you flexible with little if any impact on your joints. However, you may have to substitute a yoga session by walking a couple times a week to give your heart a workout.

Pilates- Pilates is a form of exercise which combines flexibility and strength training with body awareness, breathing and relaxation. The exercises are based on certain movement patterns performed with your tummy and pelvic floor muscles — known in Pilates as the “stable core” or base. These muscles are also known as deep stabilizing muscles. Your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles weaken during pregnancy so Pilates can be useful in strengthening those areas.

Weight training– If weight training is already part of your exercise routine, there’s no reason to stop, although you will need to avoid using heavy weights and assuming certain positions. Be careful not to overheat and as your pregnancy progresses into the later months you may want to taper off to avoid fatigue.

Of course each pregnancy is different and you should speak to your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise regime.

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As always, I am here to answer any fitness related questions you have so please email me at centralwestnest@outlook.com and I will respond as soon as possible!

Happy exercising Nesters!

{The Nest Health} Exercising your way into the new year

Today our resident health expert Larissa Beer from Larissa Beer Personal Training gives us the information we need to rediscover our motivation after Christmas.


Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year, what is there not to love? Carols, lights, Christmas trees. But it’s a tricky time of year when it comes to sticking to your exercise and eating plans.riss2

There are numerous Christmas parties and different types of foods that you normally wouldn’t eat, our stomachs are in a perpetual state of full. Whether it’s the goodies at the latest party or the first batches of fudge or gingerbread cookies, you’re probably filling up more than you normally do.

While there is nothing wrong with a little indulgence this time of year (as long as you try not to overeat!). It can, however be extremely hard to get going for your daily jog or class with a belly full of Christmas spirit.

My advice to you is to try to resist the urge to get lazy! It is always important to get exercise in, but it is especially important during a season where you will be eating more (or a lot more!) than usual.

You are probably thinking – ‘I’m already off the bandwagon I might as well wait until January to start back up with my fitness regime’. Nope!! The time to get back at it is now! The longer you are sedentary, the harder it is to get your body moving again. Don’t wait until January 1st to start working out again. Chances are you’ll be a little hungover that day anyway!

Get back to your gym/pool/classes/runs/personal training sessions now! Exercise tonight! Even if it’s a short walk and a set of lunges and situps. Do something to get your body and mind back in the game as soon as possible.

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

To get back into a fitness routine after a short break you should re-assess your goals and make a new fitness plan. It can be hard to get back into exercise (or anything for that matter) without a plan, so I recommend coming up with a short term goal that is achievable and specific.

For example: I will work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week after work. Monday I will go for a jog, Wednesday I will do a pump class and Friday I will go to RPM. Having a plan makes your decision to work out easier and should help motivate you to get back into the swing of things.

love larissa copyAs always, I am here to answer any fitness related questions you have so please email me at centralwestnest@outlook.com and I will respond as soon as possible!

Happy exercising Nesters!

Our fit nester winner

A little while ago we had a brilliant competition to Win a personal training session with our resident fitness expert Riss from Larissa Beer Personal Training

The winner won a personalised one-on-one training session to learn some new skills, exercises and motivation to reach her goals!

The lucky little nester who won the competition was the gorgeous Amy McWilliams and here she is working it in Riss’ workout studio!

Thank you so much for everyone who entered the competition it was lovely reading your emails, messages and posts xx

Amy McWilliams riding towards her goals!

Amy McWilliams riding towards her goals!

Pump it, pump it real good – to music while you exercise

In case you are still hiding under your winter-moss-rock here’s some exciting news – Summer is finally on its way! Summer means some great things like ice cream, swimming and dresses but also means you can’t hide behind oversized jumpers any longer!

Photo source: Health Me Up

Photo source: Health Me Up

Here our resident health commandoette, Larissa Beer from Larissa Beer Personal Training explains why working out with music can give your motivation a little extra kick.

There are three main benefits to incorporating music into any workout:

  1. Music helps you focus, it assists in shutting out any external noises which will allow you to fully concentrate on the task at hand. It is also brilliant for maintaining a positive mindset throughout your workout.
  2. Music can be used to enhance performance, music with an up-tempo beat can keep you powering on for longer and keep you in a more energised state, particularly as you are coming towards the end of your workout. Try and pick the right tempo music for your workout. Slow gentle tunes for yoga and relaxation exercises fast upbeat tracks for running or cycling.
  3. Music for motivation, when we listen to our favourite songs during a fitness routine, we feel more inclined to intensify the workout. This is because the music makes us feel good and you are likely to want to keep going for just a little bit longer.

Larissa’s Top 10 Workout Tracks:

  1. Can’t stop- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  2. We found love- Rihanna
  3. I love it- Icona Pop
  4. Live it up- JLo feat Pitbull
  5. Set it off- Timomatic
  6. Raise your glass- Pink
  7. Some nights-Fun.
  8. Till the world ends-Britney Spears
  9. Its my life-Bon Jovi
  10. Love on top- Beyoncé

Happy exercising Nesters!

WIN a one-on-one personal training session!

win big copy

To celebrate Larissa Beer becoming the Central Nest’s health contributor we are giving away to one lucky reader a one-on-one personal training session with Larissa Beer Personal Training

To be a winner all you have to do is comment below (or on our Facebook page) explaining why you want to win the personal training session.

For even more chances to be a winner, make sure you ‘like’ Larissa Beer Personal Training on Facebook!

We will announce the winner on 27 September 2013.

Good luck! This could be the start of your new health journey!

We get personal on the personal trainer

Staying fit and being healthy is so important. Today we are lucky enough to chat with the lovely Larissa Beer. She is a personal trainer who knows how to get results!

Here she chats about exercise, motivation and why you need consistency. 

Larissa Beer - The Commandoette!
Larissa Beer – The Commandoette!

The Central Nest: Hi Riss, thanks for having a chat with us! So, how long have you been working in the industry?

Larissa: I have been in the industry since 2007. I began as an Auswim instructor teaching children how to swim and it progressed from there.

The Central Nest: Why personal training?

Larissa: I have always loved exercise and fitness so it made sense to me to make a career out of it.

The Central Nest: What qualifications do you need to be a personal trainer?

Larissa: I have a Cert III and IV in Personal Training and well as a Cert in Nutrition and Swissball training.

The Central Nest: What is your favourite thing about your job?

Larissa: I love to see the progress each of my clients make, whether it be weight loss or watching them complete a kilometre run when they were unable to run even 200 metres before we began. Plus I don’t mind sometimes acting like the Commando which is fun!!

The Central Nest: What would be your least favourite part of the job?

Larissa: Definitely the frosty early mornings!

The Central Nest: What is your favourite fitness tip?

Larissa: Consistency. For you to succeed with any exercise program you need to be consistent. Don’t go flat out too soon, that’s when you see people burn out and just stop their programs all together, if you remain consistent and change up your routine you are more likely to keep motivated. You will find that you begin actually enjoying the exercise and it becomes part of your lifestyle

The Central Nest: What would you say is the biggest fitness mistake that people make?

Larissa: I think it is really important to learn technique properly. For example learning correct technique for squats is really important. If you are unsure on how to perform an exercise correctly please don’t do it any old way, ask a trainer and learn how to do it right so you will prevent injury and obtain the best results.

The Central Nest: Thank you for talking the time to speak with us, what is the best way for people to contact you?

Larissa: You can give me a call on 0432 169 557 or send me an email larissa.beer@optusnet.com. You can also find me on Facebook at Larissa Beer Personal Training.


Keep posted because we are excited to announce that Larissa will be providing The Central Nest with ongoing fitness tips, hints and advice! If you have a fitness question you want answered email us at centralwestnest@outlook.com