{The Weekly Nest} March week 2 in review

So in review of this week, we start with some good news, the hubby-bird and I survived operation ‘construct-Ikea-furniture’ without any blood being drawn, any serious threats of divorce or deadly insults. We survived and I am diggin’ the organisation that is finally starting to happen in our nest.


It is funny during pregnancy how the little nesting vibe kicks in. All of a sudden I am on a rampage chucking stuff out, sending this to Vinnies and Martha Stewarting the shit out the place. The hubby-bird even joked that perhaps he should continue to knock me up every couple of years to maintain the world’s biggest spring clean. He is romantic like that.

In other ‘I-am-growing-a-massive-alien-in-my-belly-news’ my feet and ankles are still engorged. Now even my cankles have cankles AND what appear to fat rolls.

The toddler-bird kindly bought it to my attention yesterday that my toes look like mini-frankfurts now.  Such a kind kid that one. Really made my day hearing that fantastic observation from her.

In food news, this week one of our Nesters submitted a recipe for the most delicious Quinoa, roasted tomato, asparagus and goat’s cheese tart. We love when nesters get involved so if you have a family favourite that you would love to share please contact us! Thanks to Kellie for sharing this tart, it is healthy, delicious and a hit with the little birdies!


Another important thing we discovered this week was the Best Metaphor that ever been made in the world. It relates to consent and it is so important that the message be spread far and wide. A cup of tea is all it takes to understand when consent exists and when it does not. What you need to do is save it and read it to your little girls in the future. You need to show your little boys. You need to make sure this message is everywhere. I just honestly cannot believe that it took someone this long to come up with it. tea

One of our most popular posts this week was some advice from our favourite kindergarten teacher, Miss Mac. She gave us some information on How to Settle In, Make Nice and Not Piss Off Your School. Starting school can be daunting but thanks to advice from Miss Mac you can help your child adjust quickly.

In other potentially boring news for some of you, we re-branded the blog this week. We hope you like it! After looking at exactly one bazillion twelve hundred million ideas we settled on the girly, lovely flowers. We just love it. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy in all the nice places. Plus, we have finally be able to order some business cards, so look out world! CentralNestBlogNew

Later in the week when we were desperately looking for ways to make life easier and we discovered Quick Hair To Get You There. Basically part of our life hack Friday collection it is a bunch of hair styles that only take a matter of second to do!

quick hair guide

Not much doing this weekend (thank Bon-Jovi). For the first weekend in a long time we aren’t going anywhere, doing anything, well no more than we have to anyway. If you are looking for something to do this weekend make sure you check out:

  • The Raglan Public School is holding a Spooky Twilight Fete on Friday 13 March 2015 from 4pm to 7pm.
  • The Bathurst Base Hospital Annual Fete (on the hospital grounds) on Saturday from 9am to 1pm.
  • The Stannies Autumn Fair/Open Day on Sunday from 11am.
  • Relay for Life
  • The NRL is hitting town at Carrington Park on Saturday. You can watch the Gold Goast Titans and Penrith Panthers. You can also catch the Titans Players at the Bathurst RSL from 6.30pm for a meet and greet Friday night!


{The Weekly Nest} March Week One is Done

A week that was.

I want to start by making an announcement. A pretty damn exciting, announcement!

On Facebook we broke 1,000 followers this week! We could not be more thrilled! The support is overwhelming and gives us motivation to keep blogging!

Thank you to every single one of you that has ‘liked’ us on Facebook and shared the love of The Central Nest.


Next announcement: I do not waddle. I just have found my pregnant swag.

So I have hit the 34 week pregnant mark and my feet are so swollen that is it like walking (READ: waddling) on water cannons. On the positive they do look strikingly similar to marshmallows, and EVERYONE loves marshmallows.. right?!! Still working, so quite gracefully using archive boxes to sit as lady-like as conceivable while having feet raised as close to the ceiling as possible.

My main drama is that I had to roll into Big W last week to buy new flats. I shit you not, I had to leave work at 11.16am to buy new shoes because my current ones no longer fit. I saw some nice ones. They didn’t fit either. So, I begrudgingly had to move to the size 11 aisle. #WhatHappensToWomenWhoNoLongerFitInSize11Shoes?

preg swag

Experiencing insomnia to the extreme. I spend the day dreaming about sleep only to lie in bed at night dreaming about sleep, but you know, without the actual act of dreaming. Which to be honest, turns into a tantrum at 3.06am every morning. Then when I am finally nearly to the lush land of sleep I realise that I have to pee for the 467,346,549th time that night. LOVING. PREGGO. LIFE.

Plus, then I saw a picture of my preggy mate, Princess Kate looking all non-swollen and glamorous and that just made me feel all non-wonderful. I mean, solidarity to the sisterhood.  Duchess of Cambridge at The Goring Hotel

I watched a video that made me have some feelings. The Skeletons Kissing video is just so lovely and nice and warm and fuzzy. I love this type of video when it goes viral. It makes you realise the world isn’t so shit after all. You should watch it and share it, and well pretty much tell the whole world about it.

This week in the news there has been little talk of much else except the death penalty and the Bali Nine ringleaders’ execution. I am torn, I work in law so totally understand the mentality of ‘you break the law, you have consequences’. But on the flip side I struggle to believe in a judicial system that does not allow or encourage redemption and rehabilitation. I am left just feeling sad with the whole situation. I struggle to accept that those responsible for the Bali Bombings that killed 202 people, including 88 of my fellow Australians are allowed to be released from prison, yet two men are to be shot dead for smuggling drugs into a country. It just seems unequal and imbalanced.

In lighter news we did stumble across the cutest little business this week. The Bump Box puts together gorgeous little gift boxes for my fellow preggy peeps and those with new little birdies. You can see ALL about them here -> The Bump Box. I tots have my eye on the monochrome boxes (oo la la!). bump

Another video that hit us straight in the feelings was Famous Women Reading Tweets About Themselves. To say I was pissed off afterwards is such an understatement. Keyboard warriors are just weak pieces of shit. You would NEVER say anything like this to someone like Lisa Wilkinson if you were face-to-face with her, so who do you think you are sending horrifically horrible tweets insulting her while you sit behind the protection of your computer screen? I passionately hate that social media has the ability to bring people closer together but at the exact same time has the capacity to bring so much hate.

I dragged the hubby-bird to Ikea last Sunday, you know because we needed one set of drawers for the little ladies’ bedroom. Somehow the place ate us up. We were there 5 hours and left with two sets of lockers, two tall boys and a bathroom vanity cupboard. Plus, some wall hung storage racks and some kitchen supplies. The hubby-bird was thrilled. So much so that he now refers to the place as ‘I-killya’. He is beyond ecstatic also that every single item we purchased is flat-packed. In unrelated news, I recommend avoiding our house this weekend in preparation of the inevitable flat-pack-tantrum-fight that will commence once the two of us attempt to build said furniture. P.S I am ALWAYS right and the hubby-bird simply does not listen when I read instructions correctly to him.  ikea

So in review this week we are angry at keyboard warriors. Pissed at unbalanced judicial systems and desperately wanting sleep.

We have developed our pregnant swag (READ: waddling) and despite the additional 158 pounds of water held non-discretely in our ankles and feet we are feeling fairly happy. Having said that, if you know of any solutions for water retention in feet during pregnancy PLEASE feel free to share them with me! Tips. Old wives tales. Anything!

We are staring down the barrel of a LONG weekend filled with flat-pack arguments but are optimistic that perhaps this time will be different.

Thanks for all your support this week Nesters!

Loads and lots and buckets of love,

kayana copy


{Organise your Nest} 14 ways to wrangle kids clothes

Organising little people clothing is an ongoing battle. There can be lost shoes, hidden pyjamas and the I-don’t-know-why-you-bothered-ironing-those-beautiful-dresses-because-they-will-just-end-up-in-a-crumpled-mess-in-the-corner-of-the-doll-house moments.

Often children’s spaces are tight, shared and over cluttered. You add to that the fact that kiddies grow like sprouts and all of a sudden you have an abundance of clothes that need wrangling much like the bambinis that wear them.

That is of course, unless you take control and instigate some brilliant storage solutions!

 1. Display open-plan style on a stick


We spend bucket-loads of casholi on beautiful children’s wear and it is a downright shame to have it hidden in a dark wardrobe, only seeing the light of day when it is physically being worn by your babooshka. So, why not take inspiration from Ifral Ahell and display your most precious pieces as works of art in your child’s bedroom.

2. Stand to attention

krokig stand ikea

During the cooler months, having those big, bulky items available for instant access is likely to decrease the arguments between kids that just want to escape outside and mamabears who actually want them to be warm. We love the Krokig Clothes Stand ($29.99) from Ikea. The stand’s benefits are twofold, firstly it will keep the clothes off the floor and secondly it is the perfect size for little mites to learn to hang up their own clothing.

3. Wrangle the princesses and dress-ups

rogue engineer

If you are a super duper DIY loving person then you could consider re-purposing an old piece of furniture to display your children’s clothing. Rouge Engineer offers a free do-it-yourself plan for a dress-up centre that any little princess would adore. Imagine keeping all those fiddly costume bits and pieces in one place!

4. Hanging out for the days of the week


Howard’s Storage World offers a brilliant 7 Days a Week Organiser ($39.95) that showcases how great kids storage can be. Available in a couple of different colours the organiser also comes with labels that allow you to identify the items inside each pocket. You could even be motivated enough to spend your weekend sorting out outfits for the whole week. Easy!

5. Crisp, stylish organisation


If clean, modern, lines are more your flair than take inspiration from 12 Oaks Blog who show that DIY really can result in the most beautiful of wardrobe spaces. We particularly love the use of the canvas and wicker baskets to help keep the mess under control.

6. Lock it up


If you want to add instant hipster spunk to your youngster’s space then look absolutely no further than the fantastic Grey Locker ($990) from Incy Interiors. Offering three shelves it would be the perfect place to keep shoes, school bags or winter woolies.

7. Labelling up


A fantastic way to encourage your little birdies to assist in keeping their rooms tidy is to invest in some gorgeous decals. These ones are available on Etsy from Wallapolooza ($24.26) and allow you to arrange your children’s clothing in an easily identifiable way. On top of all that, you look like a superstar parent because your kiddies are learning to read at the same time!

8. Spot the design


If you are able to beautifully display your child’s clothing than logic suggests that you are more likely to know what is there and what hasn’t be worn for a while. This closet by Strawberry Swing and Things takes gold spots to a whole new level. A hip and fashionable display that makes choosing today’s outfit just that little bit easier.

9. Nature is where it’s at


The Happy Home Blog showcases how simple items can look the absolute best in your babe’s room. Utilising a branch found in your yard you can display your delicious clothing all within arms reach.

10. Stop. It’s timber time.


Agnes and You is an Australian company that offers these fantastic Clothes Rack ($140). Guaranteeing to smarten up any children’s space, we especially love the organic feel of the timber stand.

11. Bin there, done that


Apartment Therapy show that organisation comes in many forms, including the use of many, many containers. We love the idea that you could use bins to suit your own needs, perhaps shoes and socks in one, arts and crafts in another. The options are limitless.

12. Cube love


If you are lucky enough to have a big space for storage than you should look no further than the generous Cameron 6 Cubby and 3 Drawer Base Set ($2,279) from Pottery Barn Kids. This could store a multitude of items and with the clever use of baskets allows an organised space for even the messiest of kiddies.

13. Go out on a limb


We are salivating over this vibrant Tree Hanger ($59.90) from Hip Kids. The perfect addition to any front door it makes the perfect dumping ground for those every day essentials such as hats and jackets.

14. Hanging with the clouds

coat hanger

These whimsical Down to the Woods Wire Cloud Coat Hangers ($12.95 each) available from LimeTree Kids are the most perfect addition to any newly organised wardrobe space. Adding a touch of magic that light up anyone’s storage dreams.

Happy storage Nesters x

Pacific dreaming amongst some gold

Here at the nest we love beautiful spaces, particularly gorgeous spaces for little people to rest.

Below is one of our most favourite nursery design boards which was designed by Kristen at xoKMS

What a beautiful space

What a beautiful space

one. Johnathan Adler Porcelain Lion Night Light ($48) two. Brass Pendant Light ($50) three. Themis Mobile by Artenica ($32) four. Birth Announcement by LeoLittleLion ($22) five. Jenny Lind Crib ($160) six. Baby Giraffe Print ($25) seven. Chevron Rug ($219 + 50% off) eight. World Roots Map ($50) nine. Frame Wall via Lay Baby Lay ten. IKEA Dresser Makeover using O’Verlays eleven. Shiny Gold Giraffe ($38)