{The Nest Opinion} Fed Up, are you propelling the cycle?

I know that we are all guilty of this, hell I am probably more guilty than most, but lately not so much.

I have stopped buying tabloid magazines; the New Idea and Famous magazines of the world. The ones that just propel this ongoing cycle.

Jennifer Aniston is many things an actor, director, producer. A cook, a wife, a book reader but most of all what she is, is fed up.

She published this article -> ‘For the Record’ on Huffington Post and you definitely need to read it.

Image: Justin Theroux

Image: Justin Theroux

Jennifer aptly describes how tired she is of being part of the narrative that places judgment and expectation on women. The media, the press, the everyday person suggesting constantly that she is pregnant and that somehow that will ‘complete her’ is absolutely ridiculous.

Motherhood is a choice, not an obligation. Continue reading

{Raising Little People} What if you find yourself accidentally raising the schoolyard bully?

Raising kids is fucking tough. The little humans need your guidance and care and everyone wants what is best for their little ones, but what happens when you discover that you might just be raising the schoolyard bully?

That is smack bang where Leslie Blanchard  found herself.bully

She has written a wonderful piece on Huffington Post on finding herself Accidentally raising the school yard bully

Read this. Share it.

{Raising Little People} To the mother of all boys

I am the mother of dragons. Three pink baby dragons. I don’t know what it is like to have boys, our nest is full of tutus, dolls and well, to be honest Batman.

I would not change my little ladies for the world but I still found this article really interesting, it has been shared amongst many of my friends with boys and I hope you enjoy it too. mother of boys

You can find the link here -> To The Mother Of All Boys

Happy reading Nesters x

{This is life} An open letter to my daughter’s stepmother

Sometimes life doesn’t go as you plan.

When you are little you plan your life. Girl meets boy. Boy proposes to girl. Boy and girl marry. Boy and girl make babies and live happily every after.

Not all families end with mum + dad = kids forever.

Some families are different.

This open letter is beautifully written. It shows that even though ‘perfect’ doesn’t always work out, family is still family.mother

Read this, share it.

“An Open Letter to my Daughter’s Stepmother’

Happy reading Nesters x

{The Nest Christmas} The gift of not giving a thing

Jingle bells, jingle bells, I can hear the cash register bells….

That time is upon us where massive amounts of money are being spent on so many things, toys, clothes and presents for the little people in our lives. What about if this year we instigated the gift of not giving gifts?

The wonderful Christella Morris has written this fantastic article about The gift of not giving a thing

gift of not giving

Take the time to read it, and consider what you might do a little bit different this year.

Happy Christmas Nesters.

{Raising Little People} 10 things no one tells you about having a daughter..

Having little girls in your life isn’t all about tutus and shotguns for future boyfriends (despite what the masses may tell you)

There are some things that no one really tells you, some things that you cannot really be prepared for and until you have one very special little lady in your life you will not really understand what we are talking about.

The clever and witty Bret Spears has put into words the things that No one ever tells you about having a daughter. It is funny and smart and a really brilliant read.

bret spears

Happy reading Nesters!