{This is Life} What it’s like to lose a child

Words will never describe the feeling.

The pain. The inconsolable heartbreak.

Losing a child is the most intense kind of sadness.

One brave woman has shared her story to let everyone know What It’s Like to Lose a Child.grief

Paula Stephens is brave and strong and she has put together an article titled the 5 Things I Wish More People Knew About Losing A Child

It is incredibly moving and obviously not something that people like thinking about. But what if one day it happens to someone close to you? Bookmark this for the just-in-case days.

Love to you all Nesters x


What to say (or more importantly not say) to someone whose child has died.

Heart breaking. Soul shattering.

The death of a child is something that will haunt you for the rest of your life. You will never forget. You will never be able to hide from it. You will never be the same again.

Whilst we hope you will never need to use this advice, you should read it. You should store it in a little part of your brain for the future, just in case tragedy strikes.

The brave author of this piece is Samantha Hayward. She lost her 19 day old daughter, Ella to undiagnosed Viral Myocarditis. She has lived through this. She is still living through this.

Mamamia originally posted this article, the link is here -> ’10 points I wish everyone knew about the death of a child – from someone who has been there.’

The brave Samantha Hayward

The brave Samantha Hayward