{Locally Found} One nester’s experience on the Great Western Steam Train Tour

We recently wrote about the Great Western Tour that is heading our way. You can check out the article here -> Toot Toot Hail A Steam Train

One of our gorgeous Nesters Dayna was lucky enough to go on the Dubbo run last weekend and this is what she had to say:

Today’s train ride was wonderful!

Such a sense of nostalgia! I was in such a carriage, although the original steam train carriages were pulled by diesel, when I was 4. An exciting trip to Sydney with my grandmother who has since passed. I remember distinctly, the smell of her perfume and warmth from her generous chest which served as my pillow as we rocked away into the night.

I’ve been pondering tonight on moments that that in an instant transport you back in time to a place of mystery, magic and absolute adventure.

On the steam train today there were adults with childlike twinkles in their eyes that seemed to expand and gush forth with laughter at every sound of the engines cry.

Magical memories relived in a short but beautiful trip. The ride gave a rare opportunity to relive childhood,and for a fleeting moment become more childlike.

It was much more than a train ride, but rather a trip down memory lane.

I wonder what other experiences affords your followers that same euphoria of forgotten moments locked in the recesses of time.

So Nesters, make sure you grab your tickets from Transport Heritage NSW for the Bathurst run THIS weekend!http---static.wixstatic.com-media-367ea5_4f8ea9fb5d1b439b9c21f737d6783254

Toot toot Nesters x

{Locally found} Toot toot ride the big steam train

Jump on board the steam train!

The Great Western Tour is heading our way and you should hail a ride.

No matter how big or little you are EVERYONE loves a steam train.

Tickets are available from Transport Heritage NSW and you better get to it quick!

It’s on for two weekends only:

Dubbo // Sat 15 – Sun 16 August 

 Bathurst // Sat 22 – Sun 23 August


Toot toot Nesters x