{Play} Australian icons cube for your little birdies

This is so ridiculously adorable. Instill Australian pride (and icons) in your little birdies as early as possible with this soft cube.

mmi_toy_cube_01_lrFeaturing kookaburras, thongs, a ute, fairy bread and more they are just a perfect addition to your little birds toy box.

mmi_proofs__228_of_331_-lAvailable from Lark for only $29.95 this really is a brilliant gift.mmi_proofs__238_of_331_-lPlus as an extra bonus it has a rattle inside for extra fun!


mmi_proofs__248_of_331_-lEnjoy Australians!

{To do} January Workshops for the kids – overseen by the dinosaurs

So Christmas has been and gone and the little birdies are bored, how about a holiday workshop with the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum located in Bathurst?

Your little birds will learn all sorts of crazy things, from creepy crawly facts to how to make a sun print photograph!

It is cheap as lunch; $12.00 and designed for little birds aged between 7 & 13.

january workshops

Booking are essential so contact the fossil crew on 6331 5511

Happy learning Nesters!

Imagination Invasion – Dinosaur Style

If you look up ‘world’s coolest parents’ in the dictionary you are likely to see a photo of Refe Tuma and his wife, being that they are quite possibly the most awesome parents of all time.

‘Welcome to Dinovember’ is their claim to fame!'Look honey, the dinosaurs ate cereal last night'

‘Look honey, the dinosaurs attacked the cereal last night’

It started innocently enough when they began devoting the month of November to convince their children that, while they were asleep, their plastic dinosaur figurines come to life. Now the ideas are endless!

Simple. Brilliant. Imagination invasion. 'Dad you should have locked the bathroom door!'

‘Dad you should have locked the bathroom door!’

You can see more photos here -> Medium.com

Hubby-bird and I are already creating ideas for next Dinovember! CANNOT. WAIT.

Barefoot & Coronas – ‘Gig on the Green’ – life is good

If you looking for a great way to celebrate warmer weather, the ever-approaching holiday season and the awesomeness that is lawn bowling look no further than Bathurst City Community Club’s ‘Gig on the Green’.

Friday 29th November 2013 it is the place to be!

Live bands, Free Barefoot Bowls, Free Entry, BBQ & $5.00 Corona’s!

So get your birdie butts there early it kicks off at 4pm!

What a great excuse for Coronas and bare feet!

sack music day on the green

Cartooning time

If you are looking for something a little different for your little-birds to do this weekend why not check out the Cartooning Workshop held by Tooncreations.

Saturday 2 November 2013  at Blechington School in Orange

The workshop will run from 9am to 4pm for birdies aged between 6 and 15

The cost is $35.00 per child

If you want to register or find out some more information you can contact info@tooncreations.net or check out their website at www.tooncreations.net


Drama, drama, drama


Are your children a little melodramatic? Well this could possibly be the thing for them.

National Institute of Dramatic Art (‘NIDA’) are offering short courses in Orange for children aged 8 up. You can check out the details here -> NIDA Course List

The courses on offer are:NIDA

* Acting Boot Camp 12-15 years
* Audition Essentials 16 years up
* Drama School 12-15 years
* Drama School 8-11 years
* Screen Acting Essentials 16 years up

You can contact NIDA Open for any queries on 02 9697 7626 or just head to the website.

Why not let your little drama queen (or king) shine?


Cherry Blossom Festival – Get your culture on

Looking for something a little bit different to do? Maybe give your little nesters a slap of culture?

How about heading to the Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura Matsuri Family Fun Day at Cowra Japanese Gardens?

cowra gardens fun day

If you need any further information you can contact Cowra Visitors Centre on 02 6342 4333 or the Japanese Gardens directly or 02 6341 2233

My little gymnast

Every Tuesday I take the toddler-bird to Kindergym (or as it MUST be referred to in our home GYMNASTICS!!!! (read: four exclamation points required for accurate pronunciation))

It is held at the Bathurst PCYC on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it really is an entertaining outing.

There is a multitude of equipment for the children to play with including balance beams, trampolines, uneven bars and numerous other bits and pieces. It is run by a lovely lady named Marina who is patient, helpful and approachable. We have noticed a significant improvement in toddler-bird’s attention span and general coordination since we have started going.

You can contact the Bathurst PCYC on 6331 2191 or check out their website www.pcycnsw.org/bathurst

Spring floor

and the best bit… the long two hour sleep the tired toddler-bird gives me once we are home!

Multisports (and multi-laughs!)

Today I found some interesting guidelines on how much physical activity adults should undertake. Basically you should have 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days of the week. According to the Department of Health and Aging there are four steps to help enhance your health

Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults

Step 1 – Think of movement as an opportunity, not an inconvenience
Where any form of movement of the body is seen as an opportunity for improving health, not as a time-wasting inconvenience.
Step 2- Be active every day in as many ways as you can
Make a habit of walking or cycling instead of using the car, or do things yourself instead of using labour-saving machines.
Step 3 – Put together at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, day.
You can accumulate your 30 minutes (or more) throughout the day by combining a few shorter sessions of activity of around 10 to 15 minutes each.
Step 4 – If you can, also enjoy some regular, vigorous activity for extra health and fitness
This step does not replace Steps 1-3. Rather it adds an extra level for those who are able, and wish, to achieve greater health and fitness benefits.

If you are looking for a fun way to do some exercise look no further than playing multisports at the Bathurst Indoor Sports Stadium. Each week you play a new sport which can include netball, basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball or even touch football. The best aspect is that anyone of any fitness level (trust me on that) can play!

basketball stadium
Further information regarding the government’s guidelines are available on National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults