Pump it, pump it real good – to music while you exercise

In case you are still hiding under your winter-moss-rock here’s some exciting news – Summer is finally on its way! Summer means some great things like ice cream, swimming and dresses but also means you can’t hide behind oversized jumpers any longer!

Photo source: Health Me Up

Photo source: Health Me Up

Here our resident health commandoette, Larissa Beer from Larissa Beer Personal Training explains why working out with music can give your motivation a little extra kick.

There are three main benefits to incorporating music into any workout:

  1. Music helps you focus, it assists in shutting out any external noises which will allow you to fully concentrate on the task at hand. It is also brilliant for maintaining a positive mindset throughout your workout.
  2. Music can be used to enhance performance, music with an up-tempo beat can keep you powering on for longer and keep you in a more energised state, particularly as you are coming towards the end of your workout. Try and pick the right tempo music for your workout. Slow gentle tunes for yoga and relaxation exercises fast upbeat tracks for running or cycling.
  3. Music for motivation, when we listen to our favourite songs during a fitness routine, we feel more inclined to intensify the workout. This is because the music makes us feel good and you are likely to want to keep going for just a little bit longer.

Larissa’s Top 10 Workout Tracks:

  1. Can’t stop- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  2. We found love- Rihanna
  3. I love it- Icona Pop
  4. Live it up- JLo feat Pitbull
  5. Set it off- Timomatic
  6. Raise your glass- Pink
  7. Some nights-Fun.
  8. Till the world ends-Britney Spears
  9. Its my life-Bon Jovi
  10. Love on top- Beyoncé

Happy exercising Nesters!

Be a star and do some jumps

Larissa and a client

Larissa and a client

Today is the first piece of advice from The Central Nest’s personal trainer, Larissa Beer of Larissa Beer Personal Training. Here she tries to drill into us why warming up is such an important part of exercise!

A good warm up gradually increases your heart rate, increases circulation to the muscles, and will mentally prepare you for your workout.

I love this example, if you think of your muscles as a piece of cheese, when you take it out of the fridge its cold, it will crumble and break. However, if you place it in the microwave for a few seconds, it will become stretchy and pliable, the same principle apply for the body.

If you jump straight into a full-on workout without warming up, the muscles are cold therefore the chances or injury are greater. Walking or a simple jog on the spot for 5 to 10 minutes will increase blood flow and warm the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Once this is done your body will thank you and perform better.

It is important to remember that warming up and cooling down with also help your body recover quicker after your workout.

Here are some basic warm-up exercises you can try:

* Jogging on spot

* Star jumps

* Walking

* Arm crosses (stretch arms out wide then cross them over your body as if you were giving yourself a hug)

* Hip circles

* Knee circles

* High kicks

A warm up activity should be included into an exercise and training routine as it prepares the body for activity and helps prevent injury to the muscles.

Enjoy your workout!


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We get personal on the personal trainer

Staying fit and being healthy is so important. Today we are lucky enough to chat with the lovely Larissa Beer. She is a personal trainer who knows how to get results!

Here she chats about exercise, motivation and why you need consistency. 

Larissa Beer - The Commandoette!
Larissa Beer – The Commandoette!

The Central Nest: Hi Riss, thanks for having a chat with us! So, how long have you been working in the industry?

Larissa: I have been in the industry since 2007. I began as an Auswim instructor teaching children how to swim and it progressed from there.

The Central Nest: Why personal training?

Larissa: I have always loved exercise and fitness so it made sense to me to make a career out of it.

The Central Nest: What qualifications do you need to be a personal trainer?

Larissa: I have a Cert III and IV in Personal Training and well as a Cert in Nutrition and Swissball training.

The Central Nest: What is your favourite thing about your job?

Larissa: I love to see the progress each of my clients make, whether it be weight loss or watching them complete a kilometre run when they were unable to run even 200 metres before we began. Plus I don’t mind sometimes acting like the Commando which is fun!!

The Central Nest: What would be your least favourite part of the job?

Larissa: Definitely the frosty early mornings!

The Central Nest: What is your favourite fitness tip?

Larissa: Consistency. For you to succeed with any exercise program you need to be consistent. Don’t go flat out too soon, that’s when you see people burn out and just stop their programs all together, if you remain consistent and change up your routine you are more likely to keep motivated. You will find that you begin actually enjoying the exercise and it becomes part of your lifestyle

The Central Nest: What would you say is the biggest fitness mistake that people make?

Larissa: I think it is really important to learn technique properly. For example learning correct technique for squats is really important. If you are unsure on how to perform an exercise correctly please don’t do it any old way, ask a trainer and learn how to do it right so you will prevent injury and obtain the best results.

The Central Nest: Thank you for talking the time to speak with us, what is the best way for people to contact you?

Larissa: You can give me a call on 0432 169 557 or send me an email larissa.beer@optusnet.com. You can also find me on Facebook at Larissa Beer Personal Training.


Keep posted because we are excited to announce that Larissa will be providing The Central Nest with ongoing fitness tips, hints and advice! If you have a fitness question you want answered email us at centralwestnest@outlook.com